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Friday, November 18, 2011

Squeak Shoes Video

What's better than pictures of a birthday party???

Videos of the presents in action!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Friend Is For Real

I think...

(Side note: my fabulous walking one year old's birthday party was awesome.  I will post pictures, eventually.  Honestly, my computer sucks and is old and slow that for now it's just easier for me to type.)

So my friend.  Is it weird I'm calling her a friend already? Hmm, maybe.  Anyway, It was beautiful weather here last week so I called her up on Monday asking if she'd like to meet at a park either that day or the next and she took me right up on my offer.  She said that we could meet that Monday afternoon.  Cool.

I arrived at the park about 10 min earlier than our date, and she arrived about 10 minutes late.  Regardless, we met, and the boys played.  Her son is exactly 1 year older than mine, so they really didn't play together, but they ran around. 

Bradley was getting tired so I did what any good mom would do and shoved food in his face.  Of course I offered her son, and he took a snack promptly.  Then he came back for seconds.  Totally fine with me. 

Her and I talked about a lot of things we have in common like, enjoying when our husbands are gone, couponing, and margaritas. In fact she said how most of her friends are prego with their second child so she doesn't have anyone to drink margaritas with.  Umm hello? Insert me!

So all in all it was a fun time.  Now for the weird part, she hasn't called.  We made plans to meet up at each other's houses so the boys could play with some "new" toys, but....radio silence.

I made the first call, so would I be coming off too desperate if I called again?  It's been over a week.  Am I just being too needy?

Maybe she's dating other people....

What should I do?

This is so weird...............

(p.s. I completely understand that I make myself look like a lunatic by continuing to put out there how I'm trying to make friends and people keep shutting me down.  I swear, I'm totally cool in real life....promise.....no really...........like REAL cool....)


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Excuse me while I catch my breath

My little man turns 1 tomorrow.  Gasp.  I apologize for these last couple weeks, and probably the next few weeks for my MIAness and my non amusing posts.  I have been cherishing every second with my newly walking baby.  I have been using my free time to look back at old pictures and video's of a year ago and I've been completely struck with nostalgia almost daily.  I cannot believe my pad wearing, incision healing, nipple aching, nighttime feeding, and stationary play days are over.  Tear. 

Although, I will not be sad. I've promised myself I'd live in the moment.  It also helps if I remind myself that everyday that my baby gets older, is another day closer to being done with diaps.  Sweet Jesus that sounds nice. 

His modest party will be this weekend.  I'm sure I will have party pics to come, and then I'll get back to my regular banter.  In fact, I have a little goody surprise for you all.....are you ready?.....I THINK I FOUND A FRIEND!  Like a real life friend who lives in my neighborhood.  Ya I know, pretty fantastic.  With my luck she is a robot in disguise.  We'll see.

For now, here's some 11month + pics of the little dude.