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Sunday, May 29, 2011

More of...(that word I promised not to say again.)

Bleeding. More bleeding.

But not from down there, from up here. In this general region. (Imagine my hand circling my chest area.) Well let me get more localized. My nipple.

He bit me.

I knew it was bound to happen. Well to be honest he's bit me twice before. It was weeks and weeks ago and I put a stop to it right away. Pulled his mouth off. Said "No biting!" "Biting hurts mommy." And that was it. He got sad when I yelled but he learned quick, and never did it again.

Well tonight he got me good. Two bloody teeth marks on the bottom of my nipple. Holy hell did it hurt. It was probably my fault to begin with as he was over tired and not in need of milk as much as he was in need of his bed. So yeah I guess I'll still love him. <3 <3 <3

However just to jump back to my last post about my period. Can I just say how hilarious I find it that AF showed up right before the pools opened and a weekend that was packed full of swimming fun? The IF higher-ups are looking down tapping their finger tips together laughing, muhuahhhhhh


Friday, May 27, 2011

Craziest Day For a PCOS-er

I cannot even believe I'm about to write this....

(I bet some of you are fuming right now because you think I'm gunna say I accidentally got pregnant. Come on. Of course not. It's ME you're talking to here.)


I haven't started my own period in years, I mean YEARS! I can't believe my body just did this. OMG! It's like I won the lottery. It's like "I feel like a woman!"

I mean I really can't believe this is happening. I truly thought I would quit nursing at a year, wait two to three months then have my OB call in a script for provera. So I know this is a little ridiculous to get this excited over vaginal bleeding, but I can't help myself. (Isn't it so crazy how you can go from eagerly wanting bleeding, to being scared shitless if you see bleeding, to so happy to be bleeding again?) (( Are you ready for me to stop saying bleeding yet?)) (((Gross)))

Ok so maybe AF is the reason behind my milk production issues. I've heard from a fellow blogger that every month when AF arrives her production goes down, but then it comes back up. I hope mine will come back up in a few days then.

Plus I kid you not, just a couple of days ago I was feeling a tightness in my uterus and I was joking with hubs that I thought I was pregnant. I even made him feel my stomach and press down on it so he could feel how firm it was (not my stomach, my uterus, there is still nothing firm about my stomach). He thought I was being crazy but Ah Hah! See! I told you there was something funky going on in there. The bitch is back!

So wait....now that she is back does that mean I am ovulating or just menstruating? If I'm just menstruating that means my follicles aren't being released and therefore I'm going to start collecting cysts again therefore I will need to start the pill. Hmm. Ladies, looks like I'm going to be POAS again, an OPK stick that is.

Now to dust off those old tampons. (Literally, I blew on them and a cloud of dust flew off. ew.)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Boobs, Food, Sleep. Is that all there is?

Is seems like boobs, food and sleep are the only 3 things occupying my life right now. Well I guess there is also the storms that swept through and took two of our trees with it, the state of the real estate economy which is effecting my income, world peace and starving children, but you know those things are minimal when it comes to boobs, food and sleep.

So for my boob update. I think they're coming back. Lefty is still much much smaller and less productive but I think it's hanging (sagging) in there. I have started drinking Mother's Milk Tea thanks to the suggestion from Sarah, and I have also started popping Fenugreek like they are candy. I have never been strung up on so many herbs in my life. I know it's not the end of the world if I can't nurse a whole year but it's just something I've had my heart set on. Plus I think it would be so much more convenient to be able to forgo formula and go straight to cow's milk at a year. Nipples crossed, oh I mean fingers.

On to food. I have started making my own thanks to Lisa over HERE for inspiration. I love it and it is not as hard as I thought it would be. So far I've made avocado, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, bananas, broccoli and mango. I want to do pears next but they must not be in season yet. Here is a pic of my freezer from a couple days ago. Back in my college days I would have never thought this would be the purpose my shot glasses would serve. Wait till B hears what his mommy used to freeze his food in. lol.

Finally sleep. I love this little guys so much. I mean come on, is he not the cutest little sleeper you've ever seen? I love the way he crosses his legs and look, he's holding on to the bumper. Love!



First you think you will never get pregnant.

Then you think nothing in the world can be better than being pregnant.

Then you give birth.

Then you think you will never sleep again.

Then you wonder if you will ever have sex again.

Then you wonder if you will ever poop in privacy or if you will always have a kid in a bumpo by the john with you.

Then your nipple gets bit.

Then......................something amazing happens.

YOUR KID IS BIG ENOUGH TO RIDE IN THE GROCERY CART. Ahhh, no more lugging that car seat around.

Life is good!!! :)

The end of our first big boy shopping experience. Note to parents: Cheerios act as the perfect lumbar support. Must be the honey nut kind though, I don't know something about the bees-wax and the low-back.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

34 A,C

That would be my bra size.

To be more specific (since I'm sure you are dying to know) my bra size would be 34 Left A, Right C. Now, where to find a bra to fit?

I was completely prepared for the larger boobs that would come during pregnancy/lactation. Plus I was even prepared for the smaller "deflated" looking boobs I heard would come post lactation.


I was not prepared for this state of confusion my body seems to be in where my left side (weak side) has decided to slowly stop producing milk and my right side (strong side) has kept on keeping on.

So unless you have any suggestions for me I've come to these options: 1) Stuff left bra cup. 2) Intravenously inject dark beer and oatmeal in left breast. Or 3) Always carry baby/purse/object in front of chest while in public.

( . )( . ) (For you more visual folk out there)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How We Did It: SLEEP!

As promised, a post to tell you how we went from this:

to THIS!!!

Now that I've gotten your attention I will take a moment to let you grab your pen and paper...go on...I'll wait.

No, I'm just kidding, I do not have all the tricks or claim to have all the answers, HOWEVER, there were some things that helped us so here is how we got B sleeping through the night unswaddled.

A week ago on the same day as B's 6 month appointment we were also having a heat wave. It was in the 80's for a couple days which made it just too hot to swaddle. At B's appointment he got his shots which is enough to wear him out plus he was already exhausted on top of that. When I brought him home he literally fell asleep the second he hit the crib (unswaddled). He napped for a good hour by rolling himself to his side.

That night we thought we might as well bite the bullet and go for all night sleeping unswaddled. At bedtime he again was exhausted from his Dr. appointment (I really do think that helped). At 8:30 when we laid him down we gave him a paci, and put a second one in the crib that he could find if he needed to. Also, we gave him his little blanket that is about an 8"x8" little blankie to hold for comfort. I was against giving him any sleep item to cling to but I thought about it again and if it will calm him down, and give him something to hold/play with, then why not? He was so tired he fell right to sleep still on his back.

About 15 minutes later he woke himself up with a jerk. Crying. We went up, gave him a paci and left. Still crying. Went in again, and picked him up, paci, calm, lay down. A few minutes later more crying. This time his crying was almost hysterical crying (my heart breaking) so I decided to nurse him again as that was the only thing to calm him down. I changed his diaper, nursed the second boob, burped him, and laid him back down. He was calm for a while, then fussed, then he rolled to his belly. He fussed for a while and we just let him go.

It is now approaching 10:30. I took stock of the situation; he is not hungry, he is not wet, he is not cold, he is not hot...he is just tired. At this point we let him cry it out. I know some people could never use this method. If you would have asked me 2 months ago I would have thought I could never use the cry it out method. But in all honesty, once they reach a certain age, and you know that they know they are fine, comfortable, loved and that they are just tired, it is a bit easier to let them cry it out. His fusses turned to cries and I was about to go back in. Thank goodness for hubs because he said, "Just wait, it sounds like he's tiring out." And he was. A minute later his head was down and he slept ALL.NIGHT.LONG.

Since that night, we have never looked back. B lays down in his crib like he knows exactly what to do. He grabs his blanket, rolls over, and goes to sleep. IT IS AMAZING.

It is amazing at how smart babies really are, and how easily they adapt. Of course I think timing had something to do with it. I really do think he was "ready" (whatever that means). But I also think it helps to stay consistent. He gets 2 paci's, a blanket, a kiss from mom and dad, and then bed. Letting him cry it out that one night was sooooooooooooooo hard, but sooooooooooo worth it.

Because of my boy's good sleep habits now he is down to only 2 naps a day. 2 long naps. I love it!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Odds Are

You can be the care taker of your happy baby all day long, no problems, no messes, no fussing and no accidents.

But, odds are that your spouse will walk in on you when your baby is peeing on the carpet, and on the new diaper he is holding, while rubbing off the freshly applied vaseline, and knocking over the powder, which he got on his face.

I'm sure that's what my hubby thought when I walked in on him trying to change B .... what are the odds that after all day, that is what I first see. Poor fellas.

On another note...odds are that if you stick with something long enough, it will eventually work out. (I am so excited to write this.) B is now successfully sleeping all night, in his crib, unswaddeled! I will post more on this, and how it came to be. But until then just know it is amazing. I do realize I sound crazy but as a parent I even feel proud of my baby while watching him sleep. Also, as scary as it was for me in the beginning, it is true that they sleep better on their bellies once they can roll.

I guess his bald spot on the back of his head will finally start to grow back!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Please Don't Fail Me Now

Boobs. Please don't fail me now boobs.

Like I said in my previous post, I fear/feared I was drying up. (Isn't that phrase "drying up" the most hideous sounding phrase ever?)

So I think what happened is I got lazy. I know when babies start solids it is natural and normal for the milk supply to lesson because the baby's needs lesson. But still, I don't what mine to lesson. Every time I feed my baby cereal, i.e. every day, I pull frozen milk out of my freezer to mix it with. I used to pump around the same time I fed B solids so I could replenish the frozen milk I took out. Well the past couple weeks I got lazy in my pumping and boy, could I tell.

I started to totally freak out because I would pump and literally get nothing. Then I was worried that I was starving our kid, even though the 3 rolls on each of his thighs were telling me different.

Anyway, I know B is getting enough from me but I wanted to get my supply back up so I could (continue burning massive amounts of calories) wait, no, so I could replenish my stock.

So I began to google.....oh google....I love you. Basically with all my research it boiled down to only 2 things that have actually proven to work to increase ones supply: 1) Dark Beer 2) Oatmeal

So that night I had a Guinness. The next day I ate oatmeal. Repeat on days 2 and 3.

No change.

Maybe I need to put the beer IN the oatmeal?

Dunno. But I did get diligent in my pumping and I think it's coming back. At least, I'm not that worried about it anymore in the sense that I don't think I'm "drying up". (Eww that just sounds so gross.)

I guess there is no secret. It just all comes down to supply and demand.

Too bad my credit card doesn't work that way....I demand the hell out of that thing. When will it replenish my supply?


Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Aftermath

No- Not my aftermath. All I did last night was google milk supply/drying up/increase milk production....and all those fun topics. That will be a later post.

For whatever reason I just keep thinking about all the people that went out partying last night,

Drank too much tequila,

Got drunk,

"Just relaxed",

Got within 10 feet of a sperm,

And in 2 weeks from now will find out they accidentally got pregnant.

Lucky sluts.

(JK! A little funny though right?)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Half A Year Old.


6 Months Ago Today

Bradley you are a miracle!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well hello there sleep.

Sleep. You tricky bastard you.

We went back to swaddling. I had too. Poor B just wasn't getting it, wasn't napping, therefore I wasn't napping, cleaning, blogging, working....I wasn't doing anything. So we swaddle. I guess my little man just loves being wrapped up tight. Did I cause this? During pregnancy were my pants too tight or something?

So now naps are back on track. Lovely. However there was a new beast in town. The feeding breast, I mean beast....I guess my breast is the beast.

Once I moved B into his nursery I fell into a bad habit of sticking my boob in his mouth whenever he woke up at night. I guess it was just the quickest, easiest way to get him back to sleep. It worked...well it worked to my DIS-advantage. He began waking up more and more often to eat. Pavlov's dog theory? Quit possibly.

So I began getting less and less sleep at nights. Which meant more and more naps needed during the day. No good.

So I am back to a different form of sleep training: Weaning him off of night feedings. I am happy to say that after a week of paci, feed, feed, feed; Paci, paci, feed, feed; Paci, paci, paci, feed; Last night was only paci, paci, paci. No feed until morning. 12 hours of sleep/paci and no food. I call that "getting the hang of it."

So for now we're on the right track. I might eventually have a toddler that needs swaddled and a paci strapped to his head at nights, but at least he will stay in his crib a whole 12 hrs!