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Monday, June 27, 2011

Cycle Day Ouch!!

It is yet again CD1. Wow, getting a regular period is so stinking cool. (Weird, I know.)

I had a 31 day cycle. Very cool. Not at all as long as I thought it was going to be considering I o-ed on cd21. (Weird again, I know.) But I'll take it!

Now on the the dilemma, because of course there has to be one. I AM IN PAIN! Horrible period pains today. I'm starting to remember why I went on the pill in the first place. It's full force cramps, low back pain and fatigue. By the time hubs got home from work today I crashed. I couldn't even give B his bath which is one of my favorite times during the day.

Thank goodness for ibuprofen. 800mg each dose got me through.

I hate that I'm even being tempted to go back on the pill yet again. I don't think I will. If it's only one day a month of PMS I can handle it. But if it is like this for 3 or 4 days a month. Uhg...I don't know.

At least right now I have an excuse for all these Rolo's I just took to the face.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pool Review

(Sorry these pictures are fuzzy because they are with my phone)

THIS POOL ROCKS! It actually wasn't that hard to blow up and we didn't even use a pump. All lungs baby. I took the advice of one of my brilliant readers, as you all are, and put a foam play mat under it and it is perfect.

I love it because it is just small enough that it doesn't take gallons and gallons of water to fill it up (plus I only fill it up past his thigh) but it is big enough that he can scootch around and play.

It's so light weight that it is easy to carry in and out of the house for use.

We love it!

Oh, and it tastes good too!

And p.s. So what if I'm too cheap to use a swim diaper when I'm at home....


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The day you became a Dad

The day you became a Dad, I became the luckiest Son there could ever be. I've only been in this world 7 short months but I already know how awesome you are. I already know I love you more and more each day. I already know I want to grow up to be just like you. You are my Daddy, and I am your boy.

Even though I'm crying, I'm actually thrilled. I'm so lucky you love me so much.
I love when you keep me warm.

You are so comfy, sometimes I wish you could hold me forever.

Are you proud of me? I'm proud of you!

I love admiring your face.

This is my favorite way to nap.

Thanks for always letting me snuggle.

Here I am listening to your heart.

I love holding your hand.

My favorite place again.

Snuggled so tight, I feel so safe.

I wanna be just like you!

I am dreaming of us playing together. Sweet dreams

I love looking up to my Daddy

Eskimo kisses

Are you Santa?

Feeling so safe.

You're my best friend Dad.

I love you so much.

Daddy, you're so fun to be with!

I love spending time with you.

I love hanging out with you Dad.

Thanks for always playing with me, on my level.

It's so much fun being with you Daddy

Thanks for teaching me things, like standing.

Thanks for making sure I don't get too hot.

Swimming with my loving Dad is the best.

Dad, you are so much fun!

I love when you play with me, you are the best.

My Dad is so cool, he reads to me.

Dad, I trust you.

Dad, you are so much fun.

I love being king of the castle with you, Dad.

I wasn't scared at all, cus I was with my Dad.

I love when you take me places to play. Dad, you are so cool.

Dad, thanks for loving Mommy so much.

Dad, I will always remember our first ball game together.

I will also remember my first boo boo that left blood on your shirt.

Even though I needed a band-aid, I still love you Dad.

Dad, thanks for taking me to cool places to hang with my family

Dad, I love doing new things with you.

Dad, I love you so much I want you to have my paci.

Dad, I admire you.

I love you so much. Happy Father's Day Daddy!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Newest Purchase

(Woman and baby not included)

B loves the water so much we thought we'd put some on our deck. I was going to just buy one of those cheap plastic ones, but I decided to go with one that has sun coverage as our deck is in full sun for most of the day.

Reviews to come.
(Of course is has been raining since we bought it. Hopefully we'll get him in it this week!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh Em Gee!


CD21 = Positive OPK

What?! Really?!

CD 21? Wow. Better late than never right?! RIGHT?!

I'm a little exciting that my body is actually doing what it's supposed to be doing. Ok, a LOT excited.

My plan is to test again next month and see if my cycle starts to shorten at all. Maybe if I were to go back on Metformin it would help regulate and shorten my cycles? Hmm, maybe a question for the Ob?

Nah, not for now. I'm in no hurry to be running back to a doctor's office anytime soon. I am just going to bask in the glory sticky cm, high bbt, and a positive opk. Life is good, long cycle and all.

Now I just get to look forward to my next period. Yippy! Holy hell, am I really excited for my next period? Yup. I think I've gone full circle here.

Looking back I'm more happy today then ever that I changed my blog name to PCOS Success. Not only was I successful in achieving pregnancy, I'm actually one of those woman (we curse) who have been successful in going on to have "regular" cycles again. (Whatever the hell regular means. It might mean 38 days but who cares?) Truly feeling like a PCOS success today.

People...it actually can happen!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Because I haven't posted one of these in a while...

Here is a picture.

He is my heart, my love, my world, my boy!

7 months old.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


  • It is CD 16 (or is it17?) and there is no sign of a surge. Not even a hint of a sign. I am bummed. Annoyed. I really really REALLY don't want to have to go back on the pill. But oh well, there could be much worse things, I know.

  • I just got done reading a FB thread of my friends announcement of finding out the sex of their second baby. Another boy. In the thread of mostly congratulatory comments, there was actually, in black and white, the admittance that she was "quite bummed" that it "was" not a girl. With my jaw dropped I was actually able to still vomit in my mouth. Plus what is the deal with her saying it "was" not a girl. No, it "is" not a girl. In fact, it "is" a boy. Why are you talking about this sweet little baby like it is in the past tense? Then there was a responsive comment from another person admitting they felt the same way when their first was a boy, but then had hoped for a boy for the second one and got a girl, and seemed bummed about that. More vomit in my mouth. On top of everything else, the only positive thing that seemed to be said was about the "financial upside" of being able to hand-me-down clothes. What? The positives should be this baby is healthy! He has all 10 fingers and toes! He is thriving!! But no...nothing like that. Vomit, vomit, VOMIT!

  • I am annoyed when people don't realize the MIRACLE of conception, and the MIRACLE of a healthy baby, and the MIRACLE of having children via birthing them or adoption.

  • 2 months now and I still actually feel like I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to feeding my little man solids. That annoys me. He seems to eat and love what I give him, but there is no rhyme or reason to it.

  • Apparently I am feeling so annoyed that all I had in me was a bullet style post.

  • Tiffany

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You Wanna Be My Friend?

Why is it that making friends as an adult is , well, just plain awkward?

Today at the pool I was a witness to this cute, simple, frank exchange by two young girls.

Cutie-Pa-Tutie 1-Piece: "Can I play with you?"
Cutie-Pa-Tutie Bikini: "Sure."
Cutie-Pa-Tutie 1-Piece: "What are you playing?"
Cutie-Pa-Tutie Bikini: "Find the water rings."
Cutie-Pa-Tutie 1-Piece: "Ok!"
Cutie-Pa-Tutie Bikini: "Ok!"

This got me thinking. Why can't it be this simple for grown-ups?
"Can I play with you?"
"What are you playing?"
"Keep the kid alive another day while lovingly gossiping about the funny things my husband does and also contemplating if I can eek out another day of not showering because I went to the pool. Wanna play?"

Seriously, why does it seem like there is all this hoop jumping and uncomfortable weirdness about asking another adult if they would like to hang out with you?

I was met with this uncomfortableness today. There was a woman with her two young kids siting the next lounge chairs over. I asked if had taken a chair they were using. She said no, and thus the small talk had begun. However in my head I was bombarded with questions. Do I ask her name first, or her children's names? Do I introduce myself first and then Bradley? Do I tell her I have pcos? Wait, no that didn't cross my mind. Do I shake her hand? Offer a hug? Ask what her favorite color is? WHY IS THIS SO WEIRD?

Well, I asked her name first then her children's. Didn't really matter anyway because I only remembered the kids names, not hers. I'm so bad with names. The only reason I remember her kids names is that they are so over-used, but that's a different subject.

When I was about to leave it only became more awkward. Do I ask for her number or will she think I'm a crazy stalker, or hitting on her? Do I ask if she wants my number? But what if she says no then I'll feel even more horrible. Do I hand her my business card, or is that too formal and she will think I'm pushing my agenda on her? Again, WHY IS THIS SO WEIRD?

I ended up giving her my card because it just seemed like the simplest way to be done with it.

Now, what happens the next time I see her at the pool and she hasn't called me to say "Hey, wanna play?"



Monday, June 6, 2011

Used to be a high-rolling infertile.

So, apparently I used to be a high-rolling infertile.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store to pick up an OPK kit. Today is CD10 so I wanted to start testing. (I usually *medicated-ly* O'ed around CD13 or 14). Anyhow, I was shocked. Have these tests gotten more expensive or did I just not used to care what they cost?

I bought the cheapest kit and came home. I went cabinet diving because I knew I had a left over ovulation test somewhere. I found it. The high-class souped up digital test equipped with the smiley face potential and everything. Holy shit I used to buy those kind?

I was one high rolling infertile.

Mind you, (if you remember or followed me back then) I was laid off the same month I got my BFP. Therefore MANY things have changed for us financially, not just the fact that a kid was added to the mix.

Anyway, I thought that was kind of funny I found it such a luxury to pee on a digital test this morning. Well I guess I should add to the funny-ness of it and let you know that it was actually an EXPIRED test. But hell no I wasn't going to throw it away without peeing on it.

Moving on to the cheapo kit I bought. I noticed that it has a picture of a mother and a baby on it. How offensive. Seriously. If I wouldn't have my own baby I would be offended. Why is there a baby on a freakin OPK kit? I mean some woman might be using it to PREVENT pregnancy. Right? I mean they should have a single woman drinking a martini in a night club on the box. Just a thought.

fyi-no surge


Friday, June 3, 2011

It's been a while since I've peed on anything.

So I realized that with last weeks news of the red dragon I haven't really shared where I go from here with PCOS and TTC.

Hubs and I talked and right now our main concern is the health of my ovaries. My precious two little O's. With PCOS you can have a period but still not ovulate. Therefore with each cycle follicles can grow, but if they don't release you end up with cycs on your ovaries which just multiply each cycle. Hence the name "polycystic." (Poly-meaning more than one, cystic-meaning, uh, cysts) (See mom and dad aren't you glad I learned something from my Medical Terminology class that I skipped many times in college to do more important things like lay out).

So anyway the huge question is am I ovulating? I've decided to do a little home experiment and use OPK's to determine the answer to this questions. Yes, I'm going to start peeing on things again. Can't believe it.

The bummer is I have no idea if I'm going to be having 28 day cycles, or 228 day cycles so I have a feeling there will be more than one (poly) OPK kits purchased in my near future.

The plan: If I never ovulate then it will be back to the Ob and back on the pill for me. The pill is the only way to reduce or even prevent the cysts from occurring. If this is the case then we know that when we are ready for #2 it will be back to our RE for the cocktail of Rx's that worked last time.

If I do ovulate: Holy shit what I've been listening to for years that "Your body might regulate itself after pregnancy" actually came true for me, and we could possibly, actually, maybe, even, get pregnant by having sex. WTF?

So basically our plan is to use the pill for the health of my ovaries, not contraception. No, NO, NO! We are not planning on TTC anytime in the near future, but at this point we aren't going to protect against it if we don't have to. I'm pretty genius when it comes to my body, timing, cm, bbt and the scientific pull-out so even if I am ovulating there will be no accidental pregnancy bull shit going on over here on this blog!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Diapers Dot Com

I just have to take a few minutes of your time to talk about Diapers Dot Com again. As you can see I have a coupon code up top, and to the left of my blog. See it? You can use it to save 15% off your entire first order with them OR with another fabulous website Soap Dot Com. Once you use my code to save on your first order, you can create your own coupon code to hand out to your friends so you can continue your savings while spreading the word. It's just a win win if you ask me!!

So about the sites. First off it's important for everyone to know that they don't just have diapers! They have just about everything under the sun you might need for baby/home. I even bought my crib from the diapers site and it arrived the next day! Oh yeah, that's another good point. If you order by 5pm est your order will ship out that day, and arrive the next day at your door step. How awesome is that?! How nice is it to be totally sleep deprived and in no shape to go shopping and to have all your needs delivered to your door. What's that? You just used your last wipe? Running low on shampoo? A few clicks of the mouse and you will have it at your front door the next day.

Their prices are great too. I just put in a purchase for 282 diapers for less than 55 bucks. Pretty cheap if you ask me.

OH I FORGOT THE BEST PART. Any order 49 dollars or more gets you FREE SHIPPING!! Hello? No brainer.

Besides my crib and diapers I have also shopped there for nursing bras, baby proofing items and strollers.

Also, Soap dot com is like having the local drug store at your finger tips. Right after I gave birth and had no time to leave the house, I ordered mascara, powder, dish soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving cream and dryer sheets (because we were running out of all of those things) and they arrived the next day and I never even had to leave my home. Oh yeah, and all for no shipping charges!

These two sites are just about perfect for anyone, busy or not. It provides cheap prices along with convenience.

Again, use my code to save 15%, then you can create your own code to continue your savings. Happy shopping!