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Thursday, September 30, 2010

This & That

Here I am currently 34w 2d pregnant. So much to be thankful for. I was thinking this morning on the walk to my Ob appointment, (yes, it is right across the street, very convenient) where we were just a year ago. I was probably somewhere in the middle of provera pills or clomid pills, trying to detect my LH surge, preparing for Thanksgiving dinner at my house, all while hoping by then I would have some BFP news. Which obviously I didn't, but still, who cares, it's amazing where I am at today. If someone would have whispered in my ear last year at Thanksgiving that this year at Thanksgiving I would have a little baby boy in my arms I wouldn't have believed it. It just all seemed so impossible, like it would never happen to me. But it did! It's so amazing!

With all that being said about really truly how grateful I feel, it is now time for me to be real, and complain. lol

Sleep is really not happening any more. Little B is so big now that even his hiccups wake me up at night. Let alone the fact that when he kicks or moves it can wake me out of the deepest sleep. I wouldn't trade it for the world, well maybe I would trade it for just one night of a full 8 hrs :-)

I can't poop. I go for days with nothing but a rabbit dropping. I just ran out of my stool softener last night. Note to self: Put Dulcolax on list

I think I have varicose veins, or some really ugly unfortunate stretch marks on my butt. Like literally directly on each cheek. I mean I don't care that much. If I'm going to get them, best be on a place that no one will ever see anyway. I'm not that much of a thong bikini wearer so it's no big deal. It's just gross to think that I've really gotten that big. It's gross to think that's what hubs can see. But oh well, I'm just moving on and telling myself it's only temporary and I will get back in shape.

My wardrobe is limited. The weather is starting to change and I can't wear the flowing sun dresses anymore. I actually am having to put on pants. Yuck. I know my baby is like "What is this tight thing wrapped around me and cutting off my circulation?" It's mommy's pants dear.

WE'RE GETTING ANOTHER ULTRASOUND! At my doc appointment today she said she had been debating with herself whether or not to schedule another scan to look at my placenta. She said I'm in the boarder zone where there really isn't strict protocol on what to do. At the last scan it wasn't covering my cervix, but it was still low. Therefore she decided to be on the safe side and take one more look at it at 36 weeks, which will be in two weeks. Again, any chance to see my baby is fine by me! I just hope he's not in the taco position this time and we can see his face!!!


Monday, September 27, 2010

I Might Have Over Done It

Probably another dumb move. You live and you learn right?

This whole breast feeding thing has been a hot topic of conversation. Well really, it's just been a hot topic in my own brain that never seems to shut up. There are so many tips, and advise, and personal stories, and rules that I have heard from friends and family and even doctors. It's really gotten me thinking that breastfeeding will be the hardest thing I ever do.

I have recently put one of the tips into action. Preparing Your Nipples. I've heard from many sources, especially first hand from my mom, that you have to prepare and "toughen up" your nipples before you begin nursing to help minimize the soreness, pain, or callus feeling you could get later. My mom told me that before she had my older brother she began to prepare her nipples by every time she stepped out of the shower she would rub her towel over her nipples to toughen them up. She says since she did that she never had an issue of pain after she began breast feeding her first baby. Then she explains how when I came along she thought "Oh I don't need to prepare my nipples for this one, I've done this already." Well she was wrong and said the second baby hurt much worse because,...well of course it was because the nipples weren't prepared.

Well I took this to heart and thought with 6 weeks to go in my pregnancy, I should prepare my nipples. So I gave them both a harder rub down with my loofa during my shower, and then rubbed them each again with my towel as I got out of the shower. WHOA! I might as well have rubbed them down with a brillo pad by the amount of burn I felt the rest of the day. They were on fire. My nipples were flaming from under my bra all day long.

So I think I might have over done it. Wouldn't you say so? I will now try to ease my way into preparing my nipples. I will also try and never use the phrase "preparing my nipples" as much as I have in this post. Ever. Again.


Monday, September 20, 2010

More (Bleep) They Don't Tell You

There have been many, many times during the whole process of TTC and pregnancy when I've felt the need to go back and re-write every book ever written for health classes or moms-to-be and add in the real sh*t that happens.

It truly has been such a help finding all of your blogs out there and being able to read about other women's experiences. Also, it's been fantastic, and fantastically disgusting having my SIL not only as a labor and delivery nurse, but also as a new mom herself as well. Hence the inspiration for this post.

I was thinking last week (or was it two weeks ago) about the whole episiotomy topic. My SIL had explained to me about the degree of tears. I think it's the 4th degree tear which is the worst. I'm pretty sure that's when you tear all the way through that space of skin called the perineum to your a-hole. (I know, my sphincter is clinching just thinking about it.) So basically at that point your open from your vag all the way to your a-hole and they have to stitch you up. I'm sure recovery from that takes forever considering every time you use the bathroom, your a-hole opens back up a bit. (I know, I know, more sphincter clinching.)

So in our conversation SIL casually states that how woman with a short perineum are more likely for the higher degree of tears, whereas woman with a longer perineum have more room to stretch. Taking in all this information....I had to do it. I had to lay on the bed, spread eagle, and asked hubs how long he thought my perineum was and if it looked like there was room to stretch. I KNOW, SO GROSS. I don't know how he will ever look at me the same after this pregnancy but oh well, it's called intimacy right? So anyway, bless his heart has he looked, nodded his head yes, held up is finger and thumb to depict the space and says, "Yeah you're good, looks about two and a half inches." HAHAHA

Love him so much.

Oh, and on other hubby news, I've done something else that might have scarred him for the rest of his life. I made him watch a vaginal delivery on you tube. I was thinking and thinking about it and decided I wanted him to have an idea of what he was in for. I don't know. Good move? Or bad move? What do you think? All I know is I got a pretty good guy here!!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Nursery Update and Shower Aftermath

In the midst of all the birthday fun, there was a baby shower as well. As you might remember me saying earlier, I hate baby showers. However, my shower DID have all the fixin's to make a shower bearable. (And I'm not just saying that because it was mine...ok maybe I am but who cares. lol)

First off I have to thank my awesome cousin who lives in NYC and planned this whole event from there! Here are just a few reason's why I think my shower rocked:

1) She served alcohol!! Hell yes!! I personally hate going to baby shower's where you have to sit there and be SOBER when everyone is ewwing and ahhing. Just because mommy can't drink doesn't mean the rest of the party can't. Huge check on the pro's side for that one!

2)It was catered!! Are you kidding??? I had no idea that I would walk in to a house that had a head chef in the kitchen, white hat and all, and an assistant chef in all black taking everyone's orders and filling up drinks. How incredible. My champagne flute of OJ never went dry.

3) There were only 2 games, and they were sit-down games. No running around for a scavenger hunt, no trying to diaper your doll as fast as you can. There was a nice and easy word scramble and nursery rhyme questionnaire. Prizes were given.

4) Lastly there was this cupcake cake. How perfect! A blue bottle formed out of little cupcakes.

Here are pics as promised of the finalized nursery. We have such wonderful people in our life that gave such generous gifts. Thanks to everyone for help making the nursery come together!

This is the cutest little rocking chair given to B by his Aunt and Uncle!

Finally the closet...We are SO blessed to have family members and friends give us their sons hand-me-downs. We are just so lucky that everyone in our life seems to have had boys!! Our closet is full and our dresser is full with newborn all the way to 12 month clothes. It's almost ridiculous how blessed we feel to have so many supplies. When we found out we were pregnant was the same week that my position at work had been eliminated. We had wanted this baby for so long, and then all of a sudden we felt so insecure about the fact we were pregnant. We've had so many people step up and help us out that I just don't know where we'd be without them.

I wasn't kidding. Every drawer is full. So thankful!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubs!

31 Years ago today Hubs was born. I'm not sure the time but I'm thinking it was in the PM. Here's the amazing story of Hubs and his *surprise* identical twin.

I guess waaaaaaayyy back then (just kidding hubs) when my MIL was pregnant her doc didn't do any ultrasounds unless there were complications in the pregnancy. Besides the fact that she must have been HUGE, she had a healthy pregnancy and never had a reason for an ultrasound. On top of that, every time they did a doppler to check the baby's heart beat, there was always just one. Apparently hubs and his bro were in there in such a way that both of their hearts were always beating together at the same time, causing one heart beat. Also they are what are called mirror twins. One is right handed, one is left. One has a birth mark on the right side, the other the left. It's pretty incredible if you ask me.

So 31 years ago today when she went into labor, the whole family was excited to find out if she was having a little boy or a little girl. Out popped Hubs head first, healthy, and a boy. Yay! The doc looked in and said, "There's another one in there!" At this point my FIL says that we was ok with 2 babies, but was freaking out just a bit that there could be 3. Hub's brother came down next feet first. She delivered him breach, nameless, yet very very healthy! As if this story isn't amazing enough just swallow this fact. BOTH BOYS WERE 7+ POUND BABIES!! Can you believe that!! Good for my MIL for carrying such healthy twins, especially without even knowing it!

I love hearing the stories of the whole family reacted to the twin discovery. I also love hearing all the tricks they used to help tell the boys apart when they were younger. Here is a little pic montage for hubs.

I love this pic. "Kiss me bro!"

He dressed himself that day...

Cutest boys ever! (I don't know which one hubs is...I think he's on the right...wait, no the one on the left. Who knows)

The wrestling years

Hubs on the left.

Happy Birthday. I love you!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

28 Years Ago Today...

...I was born!! It was some time in the morning, I think around 8:30am. I was 7lbs 14oz and was a c-section. Here's how the story is told...

My mom and Dad tried to have kids for 3 years. They suffered a miscarriage and a battery of test after test after test. (Sounding very familiar isn't it!?) The Dr.'s could never diagnose why she was unable to get pregnant. As heartbreaking as it was, she had finally given up on the idea of becoming pregnant then BOOM, she got pregnant with my brother. He is 3 years older than me. She labored a grueling 36 hours before they decided to take him via c-section because his head wouldn't fit through her pelvic bone. 2 years and some months later my parents were just as surprised to find out they had yet gotten pregnant again. Because my brother was a c-section, I was going to be a planned c-section as well. I was due around my mom's birthday, September 12th. However, because that year the 12th fell on a Sunday her Dr told her unless the baby was hanging out of her, he wasn't coming in to do a surgery on a Sunday. Hence the fact that now my birthday is September 13th, the day after my moms.

I thought I would post a little memory montage for myself. :-) I love looking at these pictures. It reminds me over and over what a WONDERFUL childhood I had. I couldn't have asked for a more loving family to be apart of. Here's just a glimpse of my very active childhood in just about every sport I played. How did my parents ever get me to and from all these practices and games?? They are pretty amazing!

Who could say no to that face?


Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday To You...and You...and you & you!

I think I might have mentioned earlier in a post how September is full of events, especially birthdays. I feel like in the upcoming weeks I will be having to make a few more posts than normal.

For starters, my shower is tomorrow! yay! I am very excited to see some friends and family that I haven't seen in a while. I will be sure to take lots of pictures.

Also tomorrow, September 11th is my precious dog Lacy's birthday! She will be 7 years young. Here are a few pics of this sweet little girl through the years.

Just a Pup

Resting on her big brother at the time.

How precious!

Growing bigger. Almost can't fit on her favorite spot by the window!

Growing big and strong!

She's her daddy's girl.
The beautiful Lacy now. (well add a few more white hairs)

On September 12th is my Mom's birthday and also my father-in-law's birthday.

On September 13th is MY birthday. Yes, just one day after my mom's. You will get that whole story later.

On September 16th is hubs birthday. Yes, only 3 days apart from mine, it was meant to be! Also, obviously he shares his birthday with his twin brother so more on that story to come.

Wow, busy busy week ahead of birthday fun. First things first though, off to my baby shower tomorrow. Que the corny games and a butt load of "ohhs" and "ahhs." (Man I dislike baby showers.....even if they are in my honor :-) Is that bad? I might not want to mention that to anybody tomorrow. I should be all smiles, right?


Sunday, September 5, 2010

OK, Now I Can Really Do This

We have confirmation. Now I know for sure I can be a mommy to a little boy!

There is something that I didn't tell anyone except for hubs when we found out we were having a boy. You see, I've always considered myself quit athletic. I've played almost every sport while growing up. More importantly, when it comes to looking into the future, I know I can be out in the back yard with Little B and Dad playing sports with the best of them. I can throw and catch the football. I can play a decent round of golf (at least for 9 holes until I get bored). I can play basketball and even shoot a lay-up (at least with my right hand). I can kick a soccer ball (even though that is my least favorite sport). I can bump, set and spike a volleyball. I can ice skate if he wants to get into hockey. I will even most likely be the one to teach Bradley how to swim and ride a bike.

However there was something huge hanging over my head and holding me back from feeling like I can really be an all-star boy's mom. It was the BASEBALL. You see, I've played softball for many years and even to this day when hubs and I go out back to play a little pitch and catch we always use the softball because that's what I'm more comfortable with. So when I found out we were having a boy that was one of the first things I told hubs, "I need to practice throwing the baseball!"

Well I am proud to report that after a 15min throw and catch session with hubs and the baseball, I'm officially ready to be a boy mom. Let's do this!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

10, 9, 8,...!

The count down is on!!! I am 30 weeks pregnant. Only 10 weeks to go. Unbelievable. Where the heck did the time go?

This past Tuesday we had our 30 week appointment and our check up ultrasound to check the location of the placenta. I was soooooooooo excited for this ultrasound because I was really looking forward to getting some 4D images of little B's face. Well, Bradley was in no mood to have his picture taken. Bummer :-(

Good news is that my placenta has moved up slightly. It is still what they consider low lying but it is in no way going to affect a vaginal delivery. His heart was at 144bpm which is exactly what it was 2 weeks ago. The ultrasound said his estimated weight now is 3lbs 8oz! Right on target. The u/s also showed him to have hair on his head! So cute! Plus we still have the confirmation that it is a boy. Phew.

We couldn't get a picture of his face because using the Dr.'s words, "He's in there like a taco." He is literally folded in half with his legs straight up over his face, and his feet at the top of his head. We did everything to try to get him to move. I moved to my side, the Dr. buzzed him with this thing that looks like an electrical shaver. He did jump when she buzzed him which made me feel good because obviously he has his hearing! But still, he went right back to the taco. I was worried and asked if he had enough room and if my fluid levels were low. The Dr. said no that my fluid levels were fine and there were plenty of fluid pockets, he's just comfortable with his feet in his face.

So here is the best picture we received. At the bottom center you can see the profile of his face. Big forehead (must be the hubs) and you can see the eye sockets and then the cute button nose. The white shadow looking thing at the bottom is his ear. Towards the middle left of the picture you can see where his shoulders begin and go into his body. Then at the top starting from the left you can see his legs shooting across up over his head. At the top right of the picture you can see his legs get skinner as to where the ankle joint is. If you look closely you can even see the knee cap area. At the very tip top is the placenta.

I can't believe that's his last picture in-utero!