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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubs!

31 Years ago today Hubs was born. I'm not sure the time but I'm thinking it was in the PM. Here's the amazing story of Hubs and his *surprise* identical twin.

I guess waaaaaaayyy back then (just kidding hubs) when my MIL was pregnant her doc didn't do any ultrasounds unless there were complications in the pregnancy. Besides the fact that she must have been HUGE, she had a healthy pregnancy and never had a reason for an ultrasound. On top of that, every time they did a doppler to check the baby's heart beat, there was always just one. Apparently hubs and his bro were in there in such a way that both of their hearts were always beating together at the same time, causing one heart beat. Also they are what are called mirror twins. One is right handed, one is left. One has a birth mark on the right side, the other the left. It's pretty incredible if you ask me.

So 31 years ago today when she went into labor, the whole family was excited to find out if she was having a little boy or a little girl. Out popped Hubs head first, healthy, and a boy. Yay! The doc looked in and said, "There's another one in there!" At this point my FIL says that we was ok with 2 babies, but was freaking out just a bit that there could be 3. Hub's brother came down next feet first. She delivered him breach, nameless, yet very very healthy! As if this story isn't amazing enough just swallow this fact. BOTH BOYS WERE 7+ POUND BABIES!! Can you believe that!! Good for my MIL for carrying such healthy twins, especially without even knowing it!

I love hearing the stories of the whole family reacted to the twin discovery. I also love hearing all the tricks they used to help tell the boys apart when they were younger. Here is a little pic montage for hubs.

I love this pic. "Kiss me bro!"

He dressed himself that day...

Cutest boys ever! (I don't know which one hubs is...I think he's on the right...wait, no the one on the left. Who knows)

The wrestling years

Hubs on the left.

Happy Birthday. I love you!!


5th Belle Avenue said...

Ha what an awesome story!! And Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible story!! And what a surprise! Your MIL is one amazing woman. :) Happy Birthday to your Hubs!

Miss S said...

That is an amazing story! I bet you guys were wondering if you would end up with twins too!

Jess said...

Cool twin story! Hope you guys celebrated a wonderful birthday! :)