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Sunday, September 5, 2010

OK, Now I Can Really Do This

We have confirmation. Now I know for sure I can be a mommy to a little boy!

There is something that I didn't tell anyone except for hubs when we found out we were having a boy. You see, I've always considered myself quit athletic. I've played almost every sport while growing up. More importantly, when it comes to looking into the future, I know I can be out in the back yard with Little B and Dad playing sports with the best of them. I can throw and catch the football. I can play a decent round of golf (at least for 9 holes until I get bored). I can play basketball and even shoot a lay-up (at least with my right hand). I can kick a soccer ball (even though that is my least favorite sport). I can bump, set and spike a volleyball. I can ice skate if he wants to get into hockey. I will even most likely be the one to teach Bradley how to swim and ride a bike.

However there was something huge hanging over my head and holding me back from feeling like I can really be an all-star boy's mom. It was the BASEBALL. You see, I've played softball for many years and even to this day when hubs and I go out back to play a little pitch and catch we always use the softball because that's what I'm more comfortable with. So when I found out we were having a boy that was one of the first things I told hubs, "I need to practice throwing the baseball!"

Well I am proud to report that after a 15min throw and catch session with hubs and the baseball, I'm officially ready to be a boy mom. Let's do this!



♥Sarah♥ said...

WOW sounds like you will be an amazing mother to your little man. Bradley will be one special little boy.


H.H said...

Good For you!!!!! I am so excited for you and hubby and your little one and can't wait to hear about all of your adventures once he is born.

Anonymous said...

Haha that's great! I can't catch or play a sport to save my life. But maybe I'll learn through the years. :)

Shanny said...

Woohoo you do your thing you athletic mom you! Conquer that baseball =)

Mrs. S said...

I've always had trouble with the baseball too! Softballs just fit into the hand so much better.

You're going to be a kickass athletic mama, show him how we girls get it done! ;)

Jess said...

One of my favorite things growing up was when my parents would play baseball with me and my brother. Your little boy will love it, for sure! Never too early to practice!


B @ Our Journey said...

Congrats!!! You're going to be a great mom.