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Monday, September 27, 2010

I Might Have Over Done It

Probably another dumb move. You live and you learn right?

This whole breast feeding thing has been a hot topic of conversation. Well really, it's just been a hot topic in my own brain that never seems to shut up. There are so many tips, and advise, and personal stories, and rules that I have heard from friends and family and even doctors. It's really gotten me thinking that breastfeeding will be the hardest thing I ever do.

I have recently put one of the tips into action. Preparing Your Nipples. I've heard from many sources, especially first hand from my mom, that you have to prepare and "toughen up" your nipples before you begin nursing to help minimize the soreness, pain, or callus feeling you could get later. My mom told me that before she had my older brother she began to prepare her nipples by every time she stepped out of the shower she would rub her towel over her nipples to toughen them up. She says since she did that she never had an issue of pain after she began breast feeding her first baby. Then she explains how when I came along she thought "Oh I don't need to prepare my nipples for this one, I've done this already." Well she was wrong and said the second baby hurt much worse because,...well of course it was because the nipples weren't prepared.

Well I took this to heart and thought with 6 weeks to go in my pregnancy, I should prepare my nipples. So I gave them both a harder rub down with my loofa during my shower, and then rubbed them each again with my towel as I got out of the shower. WHOA! I might as well have rubbed them down with a brillo pad by the amount of burn I felt the rest of the day. They were on fire. My nipples were flaming from under my bra all day long.

So I think I might have over done it. Wouldn't you say so? I will now try to ease my way into preparing my nipples. I will also try and never use the phrase "preparing my nipples" as much as I have in this post. Ever. Again.



Deanna said...

Ouch! The top picture had me wondering until I got to the point where I read what you had actually done "Did she really use those?!?!" Glad you didn't even though it sounds like the result was the same!

Bridget said...

OK OUCH! Can I tell you you post made me laugh though... OMG I'm so sorry for your tenderness and flaming nipples. i can tell you're an athlete, you took it to the next level!

♥Sarah♥ said...

hahahaha I was so confused, the picture made me think that you where nesting and used a brillo pad on wood and that was the result. Thankfully that wasn't the case at all. Well I hope for you and your nipple's sake that it wont be hard of a time, but I've heard getting them ready now is a good idea...Good luck and I hope they get nice a tough so breast feeding wont be to hard on them.

Jess said...

Oh my goodness Tiffany! I have never heard of this, so am glad you shared this enlightening advice....er, painful preparation. Ouch!


Lmac said...

LOL!! you poor thing. I have never heard of that before. You crazy woman you.

Mrs S said...

Oh poor you!! Another thing for me to remember....Note to self: begin 'prepare nipples' at some later stage of my pregnancy. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Poor thing! Yes slow and easy next time. :)