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Thursday, September 30, 2010

This & That

Here I am currently 34w 2d pregnant. So much to be thankful for. I was thinking this morning on the walk to my Ob appointment, (yes, it is right across the street, very convenient) where we were just a year ago. I was probably somewhere in the middle of provera pills or clomid pills, trying to detect my LH surge, preparing for Thanksgiving dinner at my house, all while hoping by then I would have some BFP news. Which obviously I didn't, but still, who cares, it's amazing where I am at today. If someone would have whispered in my ear last year at Thanksgiving that this year at Thanksgiving I would have a little baby boy in my arms I wouldn't have believed it. It just all seemed so impossible, like it would never happen to me. But it did! It's so amazing!

With all that being said about really truly how grateful I feel, it is now time for me to be real, and complain. lol

Sleep is really not happening any more. Little B is so big now that even his hiccups wake me up at night. Let alone the fact that when he kicks or moves it can wake me out of the deepest sleep. I wouldn't trade it for the world, well maybe I would trade it for just one night of a full 8 hrs :-)

I can't poop. I go for days with nothing but a rabbit dropping. I just ran out of my stool softener last night. Note to self: Put Dulcolax on list

I think I have varicose veins, or some really ugly unfortunate stretch marks on my butt. Like literally directly on each cheek. I mean I don't care that much. If I'm going to get them, best be on a place that no one will ever see anyway. I'm not that much of a thong bikini wearer so it's no big deal. It's just gross to think that I've really gotten that big. It's gross to think that's what hubs can see. But oh well, I'm just moving on and telling myself it's only temporary and I will get back in shape.

My wardrobe is limited. The weather is starting to change and I can't wear the flowing sun dresses anymore. I actually am having to put on pants. Yuck. I know my baby is like "What is this tight thing wrapped around me and cutting off my circulation?" It's mommy's pants dear.

WE'RE GETTING ANOTHER ULTRASOUND! At my doc appointment today she said she had been debating with herself whether or not to schedule another scan to look at my placenta. She said I'm in the boarder zone where there really isn't strict protocol on what to do. At the last scan it wasn't covering my cervix, but it was still low. Therefore she decided to be on the safe side and take one more look at it at 36 weeks, which will be in two weeks. Again, any chance to see my baby is fine by me! I just hope he's not in the taco position this time and we can see his face!!!



Lindsay said...

I feel your pain on the clothes front. I literally have a pair of jeans and a couple shirts. Everything else has been dresses and skirts and tank tops. Oh well!

Ashley said...

Can I just say that even though you may have "unfortunate stretch marks" on your butt--you look great!?!?! Seriously, you don't look big at all and especially not anywhere other than your belly! Hang in there--not too much longer!!!! Yay!

♥Sarah♥ said...

Its getting so close for you, and your baby belly is just adorable. I am sure your stretch marks on your butt arent that bad...they always look worse then they actually are. Have a great weekend.

Mrs S said...

Not long now! How exciting! Love that you have one of the 'What to Expect' books in that belly shot of you. Try 'bio-oil' for stretch marks, it works wonders! :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously you look great...stretch marks or no. :) And I hear you on the constipation. I was not prepared for that one! But yay for another chance to see your little man again!!

Shanny said...

You look wonderful!
I'm glad you will be getting that other ultrasound soon, I hope your little man shows his awesome face =)