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Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Fell

Fall did. Fall has officially fell. And I love it!

I'm waking up with a stuffy nose and watery eyes. I'm hearing the sounds of hubs snore because he can't breath in his sleep. I can't leave the bedroom anymore without a sweatshirt and slippers. On Friday nights we can hear the sounds of the announcer and the crowd roar from the high school football game across the street. I continuously here "Da nan nant, da nan nant" (the ESPN sound) from my living room whenever hubs is in there. I've roasted my first marshmallow over an open fire. I've already made myself sick off of Halloween candy I bought early "just in case" and promised myself I wouldn't open yet. Ahhhhhhhh yes, Fall is here, and I love it.

Last night we went to dinner with a group of people from hubs work. It had been the first time I'd seen to spoken to any of them since I've became pregnant. They are all sweet people, especially the wives, however, I just don't get why people always find it necessary to tell their horror stories. Why do people always default first to the stories of "how hard it was" or "how tired you were" or "how much everything in your life changed." Of course it always seems as if after 20 minutes of Debbie Downer stories they do always end with , "But I just loved being a mom, it was the best thing in the world!" Well great! Why don't you think about leading with that story next time eh?

It did get me thinking of how hubs and I only have 37 days left. 37 days till we meet this little man. 37 days left of hanging out together just us. Wow. It is crazy to think that after 37 days it won't be "just us" around the house again for a good 20+ years. That is pretty dynamic if you think about it. I guess with all the change in the air, and in our lives I'm getting pretty emotional. Last night hubs and I were talking. He said looking back when he was younger,
and thinking about what the "American Dream" would look like for him...this would be it. Great wife, great house, great dogs, and a kid on the way. WOW! *Tear* I love him so, I am so lucky.



Shanny said...

Awww that was very sweet what your hubby said. Just perfect and touching for a pregnant woman to cry her eyes out!

And people with their stories, gosh! I'm always being told its going to be hard with twins because its almost impossible with one.. bla, bla, bla.. I just tell them to thank God its not them then. Obviously I know it will be hard but I also know its going to be wonderful. What I really want to ask them is what they want me to do, reverse the whole pregnancy?
Anyway, 37 dyas is awesome!!! I'm on my 8 day countdown at this point... yikes!

Mrs S said...

Not long now, so exciting! And I hear ya on the negative comments people make about having kids- lol!

Katie Norman said...

Hello! First, congratulations on your pregnancy and praise GOD!!! I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did (I may or may not have just read over half of it in one sitting)

I have been TTC for 11 months (not as long as others but still feels like eternity) and was diagnosed with PCOS about 7 months ago. It's been a journey but I'm learning a lot. Thank you for sharing your story. You've made me laugh and brought me hope! I'll be praying for you and your babe on the way!

Your "young but infertile" follower,