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Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun With Numbers

# of times I peed last night: 5

# of times I pooped last week: 2.5

# of tissues I've used for this cold: 1/2 a box

% of food that drops from my mouth and lands on the floor: 0%

# of times I look in the nursery a day: 2

# of times I look at myself a day and think "Holy baby bump!": 502

# of times I've shaved my legs in the past month: 2 (I should probably get on that)

# of people last week who asked when I was due: 3

# of those people who thought I was having a girl: 1

# of those people who thought I was having a boy: 2

# of walks I try to take daily: 2

# of seconds it takes me to get from a laying position to a standing: 56

# of calories I feel like consuming in a day: 30,000

# of unnecessary break downs over things such as DVR recordings: 3

# of times I think my water has broke but find out it's just a nice amount of CM: 5

# of times I've had to lift a finger to do something around the house: 0! Thanks hubs!



Radiant Readhead said...

lol....i love the shaving legs!!!i think i shaved my legs a TOTAL of 2 times the last 3 months of my pregnancy....I couldn't reach!!!

Project Baby said...

LOL.. This post is so cute. I loved reading it.

Holly said...

lol fun with numbers for sure :) but you left out # of days left till Baby boy is due

Mrs S said...


Anonymous said...

Haha. Love this!