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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Help for my friend Sarah and Baby Austin

This post is to provide an update, but more importantly, it is to help my bloggy friend Sarah over at Sarah, Brett & Our Baby Boy. 

You can get a quick recap HERE.

Since birth, Austin has been fighting like a brave and strong little man.  He has had some setbacks, he is still in the hospital, but his will power and spirit surprise everyone each day, especially his loving parents.

Sarah was an avid blogger until She had her sweet blessing Austin.  Like any loving mother, she is completely devoted to being by Austin's side every minute.  Thus, she has had little time to blog. 

I have had the luxury of being on Sarah's "text list" and receive daily pictures and updates on Austin.  He is such a wide eyed cutie let me tell you!

Sarah is finally ready to show off her handsome little man back in the bloggy world again, however, things have changed.  She has had some unfortunate "family drama" and does not wish to keep her blog public.  She would LOVE to share stories, pictures, and updates with all of you but she is needing to turn her blog private. 

Since many of my followers are also followers of Sarah, she asked me to post her email in order to allow you to email her to get on the "approved" list to continue to view her blog. 

So again, if you wish to continue following Sarah, please email her at srw_juliet@hotmail.com

Trust me.....he's a cutie worth following!!!