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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Phone Photo Dump (about time I did one of these)

Hi.  Remember how I told you I suck?  Well it's true.  I still kind of suck and I REALLY suck when it comes to posting pictures on my blog lately. 

I could give you the annoying to any infertile excuse that "my baby is teething" or "we've been doing   mommy-n-me classes"  or "my baby won't nap" but no, none of that is true.  My REAL excuse?  Big Brother. Bachelor Pad. American Ninja Warrior.  Any TV Show That Has To Do With Murder (no that's not the name of a real show, I just capitalized for intensity. i.e. Snapped, Dateline on ID, Dateline Primetime, Dateline Real Life Mystery.....you get the idea.)  ((If you don't know about American Ninja Warrior, or ANW for you cool kids, you must find out.  I am obsessed, and these humans are ridiculously strong athletes.))

Back to my point:  I am way to into TV and because we don't let B watch TV AT ALL (very strict about this)  we only turn the TV on at nights or naps therefore, I have slacked on my blog.

Anyway, here are the treasures that have been hidden in my phone.

Stud muffin standing up.
 Picking out my next read at the coffee shop
 Note to self:  No matter how loud kid fusses, do not give him the bag of frozen corn.
 Trying out the fit of these cute shoes.
 Exploring at the swimming pool.  That is not our chair, or our towel...ew.
 My first tooth brush
 Using Lacy to stand up.
 Wait, or just using her to climb over
 Check out my new dino
 Riding rides.  (PS. These cheesy 15 second rides are now 50 cents. Are you kidding?
 Loving the steering wheel rides
 Not a fan of the horse
 Being a kiddo is exhausting!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Virtual Hugger

Come on, let's hug it out!  No really, "get ova here!" (in my best new yorker voice)

Who doesn't love a hug?  I mean really, hugs are the best.  Unless the other person smells, or is sweaty, or you yourself are sweaty for that matter.  Nonetheless, hugs are fantastic. 

That's why I am really feeling some warm fuzzies right now from Holly over at Ready To Be A Mom.  She has passed on this Virtual Hugger Award to me.  Holly and I have followed each others blogs for well over a year, or is it two?  We've commented each other through pms, bfn's, and bfs's! 

The rules of this award are to:
1.  Thank the person who gave it to you and link back
2.  Give 3 reasons why you LOVE comments and want them to keep coming.
3.  Award your 10 ten commenter's and tell them why they won the award. 

I LOVE comments because:
1.  They give me MUCH needed advice!
2.  They give me the reason to tell my husband, "See, told ya so."
3.  They link me up with amazing women who need support and lend support in one of life's most amazing journeys.

My Top Ten commenters:
1.  Sarah at Sarah & Brett & Our Baby Boy
2.  Carla at Believing In Miracles
3.  Traci at Traci's Trip Through Life
4.  Ashley at Stealing Baby Kisses
5.  Cherbear at In A Nutshell
6.  BU at Relaxing Doesn't Get You Pregnant
7.  Danielle at This Is The Stuff
8.  Shanny at I did, I do, I will
9.  Waiting and Wishing
10.  My Infertile Confessions

I wish I could tag you all! Thank you to all of my commenter's! Keep spreading the love and always, always, remember to hug it out!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011



(arms waving)


I have a real little boy.

B is 9 months old, but he is 9 months going on ten years.  At least that's how it feels. 

He is SMART.

(Now before you go all, "she's going to call her kid gifted" talk calm yourself....I cognitively know he is no smarter than any other baby....he just seems like it, to me. wink wink)

How did I go from having this little noodle with a wobbly head to having a little boy who does what I say? Unless of course I say "no" and then he laughs at me and does it anyway.  Yes he is a 9 month old rebellion, and yes, we are working on that.

I know he is still a baby, but really, I feel like he is becoming a little boy in front of my eyes.  It is such a bitter sweet transition.

A few things he is up to:

If we tell him to go "night night" on a pillow/ blanket/ stuffed animal, he will crawl over to it and lay is head down on it. 

If we ask him to give (insert any stuffed animal here) a hug, he will put it up to the side of his cheek.

He will pull himself up to stand on anything.

He is completely on table food and has been for almost a month.  It is really amazing that he can eat pretty much anything that we do, just in smaller pieces of course.

When he hears music he will wave his arm or bend his knees if he's standing.

He recognizes Elmo and will say his name. (What is it about those sesame street characters? We don't even let him watch tv and he still knows that Elmo guy.)

He has "figured out" how all of his toys work and instead of doing the act that will make the toy light up or sing (i.e. put the coin through the slot) he will just find and push that little hidden button instead.  Hey, he gets the same result and it's less work. 

Smart little fella I tell ya.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Knee Foot

As B is growing up, he is starting to look more and more like his Daddy, and less and less like me.  (So I've been told.) 

However, I'm happy to report he still has bits of my personality traits outwardly on display.

I've always been known to do things, well, "my own way."  If everybody does things "this" way, I will do them "that" way, just to be a pain in the ass different.

I am a very proud mommy to this cutie, doing things "his own way." 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's my problem?

Hi, I suck.

I have totally been sucking with my blog. 

I've been boring and MIA. 

The odd part is, my life has been anything but boring lately.

B started crawling (which I still need to upload that video for you...see, suckage right there), he is pulling himself to standing, he is the happiest cutest little shit I've ever laid eyes on. 

But with all that, still no blogging mo-jo.

I'm still nursing, primarily out of righty cus lefty is too school for cool:  That makes for interesting fitting bra's:  and I've had 3 periods down with positive opk's plus the last cycle was 28 days. 

Even with all that personal, exciting, I've kicked pcos right in the crotch, TMI lady parts business, still no good posts.

I even finally had that humiliating and awkward run in with "hey you wanna be my friend" pool girl who obviously didn't want to be my friend hence the run-in without the friendly "meet me at the pool" phone call.

I'm sure I could have wrote a witty embarrassing "nobody wants to be my friend" post but um, nope, I decided to sit back and suck instead.

The suckiest thing of all?...I've even lost followers! *Gasp*  Well I apologize that my boringness has made you feel the need to go elsewhere for your blogger fix.  I will most definitely try to stop sucking so much and start blowing.  Oh wait, that didn't sound right.

On a side note I do still read ALL of your blogs. Sorry if I haven't commented as much, sometimes my blogger still hasn't been letting me comment. So annoying.  Also, if you follow me, and I don't follow you, slap me in the face with a comment and I will start following you.  Promise!