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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's my problem?

Hi, I suck.

I have totally been sucking with my blog. 

I've been boring and MIA. 

The odd part is, my life has been anything but boring lately.

B started crawling (which I still need to upload that video for you...see, suckage right there), he is pulling himself to standing, he is the happiest cutest little shit I've ever laid eyes on. 

But with all that, still no blogging mo-jo.

I'm still nursing, primarily out of righty cus lefty is too school for cool:  That makes for interesting fitting bra's:  and I've had 3 periods down with positive opk's plus the last cycle was 28 days. 

Even with all that personal, exciting, I've kicked pcos right in the crotch, TMI lady parts business, still no good posts.

I even finally had that humiliating and awkward run in with "hey you wanna be my friend" pool girl who obviously didn't want to be my friend hence the run-in without the friendly "meet me at the pool" phone call.

I'm sure I could have wrote a witty embarrassing "nobody wants to be my friend" post but um, nope, I decided to sit back and suck instead.

The suckiest thing of all?...I've even lost followers! *Gasp*  Well I apologize that my boringness has made you feel the need to go elsewhere for your blogger fix.  I will most definitely try to stop sucking so much and start blowing.  Oh wait, that didn't sound right.

On a side note I do still read ALL of your blogs. Sorry if I haven't commented as much, sometimes my blogger still hasn't been letting me comment. So annoying.  Also, if you follow me, and I don't follow you, slap me in the face with a comment and I will start following you.  Promise!



waiting and wishing said...

I SOOO need some comic relief this afternoon... Thanks a million.

Kanis said...

Perhaps we can start a support group. My name is Kanis and I'm a crappy blogger. With that, don't beat yourself up over it. I've been MIA since the beginning of July. And honestly, life simply gets in the way sometimes.

FirstTimeMom said...

I've been a lame blogger lately too. I'm trying to catch back up but we've been super busy and with Alex teething and cranky it's pretty impossible. That's awesome that B is crawling and cruising and that you're kicking PCOS in the arse!!! I'm glad you posted a blog 'cause I was starting to wonder what had happened to you. <3

Auntie Sissy said...

Personally, I think you are a great blogger! You are the only one of late to even comment on my very few and far between posts ;)

I always love reading what you write. And it is understandable that you have other things going on! =)

♥Sarah♥ said...

LOL thank you for that...I was just tearing up while texting hubs, not because of any reason what so ever, just because my hormones are ALL over the place. Anyway cant wait to see B's crawling video.

Shanny said...

Count me in the suckiest blogger group, cause... well... I suck!
And I suck more than you so you shouldn't feel too bad. Besides, your posts are awesome, I guess you could say you are not spoiling us too much? =)

Anonymous said...

Hi hon. It's Cheryl...real estate Cheryl. I took a hiatus from it all but I'm back and I'm happy to see that you are so busy with your precious little one that you are sucking at blogging! :) It's ok and totally to be expected. I hope you are doing great and I look forward to getting caught up. xx