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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Virtual Hugger

Come on, let's hug it out!  No really, "get ova here!" (in my best new yorker voice)

Who doesn't love a hug?  I mean really, hugs are the best.  Unless the other person smells, or is sweaty, or you yourself are sweaty for that matter.  Nonetheless, hugs are fantastic. 

That's why I am really feeling some warm fuzzies right now from Holly over at Ready To Be A Mom.  She has passed on this Virtual Hugger Award to me.  Holly and I have followed each others blogs for well over a year, or is it two?  We've commented each other through pms, bfn's, and bfs's! 

The rules of this award are to:
1.  Thank the person who gave it to you and link back
2.  Give 3 reasons why you LOVE comments and want them to keep coming.
3.  Award your 10 ten commenter's and tell them why they won the award. 

I LOVE comments because:
1.  They give me MUCH needed advice!
2.  They give me the reason to tell my husband, "See, told ya so."
3.  They link me up with amazing women who need support and lend support in one of life's most amazing journeys.

My Top Ten commenters:
1.  Sarah at Sarah & Brett & Our Baby Boy
2.  Carla at Believing In Miracles
3.  Traci at Traci's Trip Through Life
4.  Ashley at Stealing Baby Kisses
5.  Cherbear at In A Nutshell
6.  BU at Relaxing Doesn't Get You Pregnant
7.  Danielle at This Is The Stuff
8.  Shanny at I did, I do, I will
9.  Waiting and Wishing
10.  My Infertile Confessions

I wish I could tag you all! Thank you to all of my commenter's! Keep spreading the love and always, always, remember to hug it out!



FirstTimeMom said...

Thanks for the award Tiffany :)

Shanny said...

Awwww thank you, and congrats on receiving it first: well deserved!!!

P.S. I've been trying to post this comment for like 3 days now and darn blogger wouldn't let me =(

Cherbear said...

aww thanks!!! I am feelin' the warm fuzzies :)

I have been so busy and haven't posted in forever, and haven't been good about reading blogs either. But I will try and pass this one on soon!