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Wednesday, August 17, 2011



(arms waving)


I have a real little boy.

B is 9 months old, but he is 9 months going on ten years.  At least that's how it feels. 

He is SMART.

(Now before you go all, "she's going to call her kid gifted" talk calm yourself....I cognitively know he is no smarter than any other baby....he just seems like it, to me. wink wink)

How did I go from having this little noodle with a wobbly head to having a little boy who does what I say? Unless of course I say "no" and then he laughs at me and does it anyway.  Yes he is a 9 month old rebellion, and yes, we are working on that.

I know he is still a baby, but really, I feel like he is becoming a little boy in front of my eyes.  It is such a bitter sweet transition.

A few things he is up to:

If we tell him to go "night night" on a pillow/ blanket/ stuffed animal, he will crawl over to it and lay is head down on it. 

If we ask him to give (insert any stuffed animal here) a hug, he will put it up to the side of his cheek.

He will pull himself up to stand on anything.

He is completely on table food and has been for almost a month.  It is really amazing that he can eat pretty much anything that we do, just in smaller pieces of course.

When he hears music he will wave his arm or bend his knees if he's standing.

He recognizes Elmo and will say his name. (What is it about those sesame street characters? We don't even let him watch tv and he still knows that Elmo guy.)

He has "figured out" how all of his toys work and instead of doing the act that will make the toy light up or sing (i.e. put the coin through the slot) he will just find and push that little hidden button instead.  Hey, he gets the same result and it's less work. 

Smart little fella I tell ya.



FirstTimeMom said...

aaww sounds like he is smart :) Sounds like so much fun! I'm still waiting on Alex's little personality to emerge.

Danielle said...

aww he is a smart little man!! how did you transition him to table foods? we are going through this transition right nw and I am sooooooooo confused!

Tiffany said...

Danielle- For some reason blogger is not letting me comment on your blog, so I'll have to respond here. He really transisitioned himself honestly. I was always making all of his food so I would spoon feed him cereal, veggies, fruit, then at the end of every meal I would give him something on his tray to hand feed himslef. I started with mushy cooked apples, carrots, then moved to Mum Mum rice rusks, organic cookes and crackers. He eventually started to get more and more frustrated with eating off the spoon and more and more independent and wanted to feed himself. So I finally finished all the pureed food I had in the freezer and soley gave him finger food. Now he eats cooked apples, cooked carrots, peas, corn, broccoli, avocado, hummus, ripe pears, bananas, peaches, cheese sticks, graham crackers, chicken nugets, pasta, mac n cheese, and just about anything we are eating. The only thing he is spoon fed is cereal in the mornings, and yogurt in the evenings. So if Lexi isn't showing an interest in feeding herself. Offer her finger foods at each sitting, but just give it time. It took a couple weeks for B to really be able to get the food from the tray to his mouth. Once he did that, ne never looked back!

♥Sarah♥ said...

Yah B...you really are way to smart for your own good. At least when you tell him NO now he laughs, ive seen other little guys scream bloddy murder.

I cant wait for my updates like this...less then 3 months to go. Woot woot

Holly said...

HOLY COW! 9 months old already? And such a little smartie! I love it! :)

I have an award to pass on to you by the way! I know it's been ages since we've been in touch on blogs but you were such a huge support for me before Snow Pea was born and I am so thankful to you for that!

Three Cats and a Baby said...

He is definitely smart :)

Is there anything better than baby dancing? Bliss.