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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Phone Photo Dump (about time I did one of these)

Hi.  Remember how I told you I suck?  Well it's true.  I still kind of suck and I REALLY suck when it comes to posting pictures on my blog lately. 

I could give you the annoying to any infertile excuse that "my baby is teething" or "we've been doing   mommy-n-me classes"  or "my baby won't nap" but no, none of that is true.  My REAL excuse?  Big Brother. Bachelor Pad. American Ninja Warrior.  Any TV Show That Has To Do With Murder (no that's not the name of a real show, I just capitalized for intensity. i.e. Snapped, Dateline on ID, Dateline Primetime, Dateline Real Life Mystery.....you get the idea.)  ((If you don't know about American Ninja Warrior, or ANW for you cool kids, you must find out.  I am obsessed, and these humans are ridiculously strong athletes.))

Back to my point:  I am way to into TV and because we don't let B watch TV AT ALL (very strict about this)  we only turn the TV on at nights or naps therefore, I have slacked on my blog.

Anyway, here are the treasures that have been hidden in my phone.

Stud muffin standing up.
 Picking out my next read at the coffee shop
 Note to self:  No matter how loud kid fusses, do not give him the bag of frozen corn.
 Trying out the fit of these cute shoes.
 Exploring at the swimming pool.  That is not our chair, or our towel...ew.
 My first tooth brush
 Using Lacy to stand up.
 Wait, or just using her to climb over
 Check out my new dino
 Riding rides.  (PS. These cheesy 15 second rides are now 50 cents. Are you kidding?
 Loving the steering wheel rides
 Not a fan of the horse
 Being a kiddo is exhausting!


Danielle said...

Omgosh! he is adorable! can him and lexi get married in the future? haha jkjk but really he is a little stud muffin for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww so cute! And of course since I haven't seen pictures in a lifetime (shame shame, jk! :) he is getting so big!

Kanis said...

Your son is adorable!

browning2222 said...

I love the freezer corn picture (I actually went and got my DH so that he could see it also).
I am watching big brother as week speak and I'm very upset that Big J just got voted off (sorry if you have not watched it yet).

FirstTimeMom said...

Look how adorable and big B is getting! My goodness!!! Thanks for taking the time to post some pics! I love the one of him with the frozen corn and climbing over the puppy :) Kids are awesome!

♥Sarah♥ said...

Ohhhhh Tiffany he is just simply to cute for words. The corn picture is awesome, way to go B. LOL

Thanx for the picture update...

Traci said...

I just saw ANW the other night and it is pretty cool and Bachelor pad is awesome. They should just skip Bachelor and only do Bachelor pad.

The picture of him crawling over the dog is pretty sweet, love it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing! so cute :)