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Monday, September 5, 2011


Yep, I'm still here.  Still boobfeeding.  Still primarily feeding from righty.  Still lopsided.

I cannot.   I repeat.  I CANNOT believe my infant baby boy is 10 months old, thus meaning, I have almost been nursing for a YEAR!

My tits sag.

My nips are huge.

My fun bags are no longer fun, nor bags really, at this point they're more like pancakes.

BUT IT IS ALL SO WORTH IT.  Nursing my 7 pound newborn into a 22 pound nearly toddler has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments I've ever had. Right along side pushing a baby out of my vagina laying on my back while the doctor cuts my baby out of me.  This whole year has been so incredibly rewarding.

A few months ago I started to think about the weaning process.  I thought it was going to be so hard.  I always said I would much rather have my heart broken and Bradley ready to give me up rather than Bradley have his heart broken when mommy all of a sudden stops putting her boob in his mouth. 

I'm happy to say, It's my heart being broken.  He is totally ready to be done with nursing.  He is on to bigger and better things and doesn't want to be still for a second.  I'm sure if he could talk he would say, "Mom can you give me that in a to-go cup?"

To be honest, I will miss it, probably more than I think I will, but as of right now, my heart isn't that broken.  I still have 2 more months to go, but then I think I'll be ready.  I do enjoy our time together, but I so enjoy watching learn and discover the world so much more. 

As of right now I'm nursing about 4 times a day.  Each time he wakes, and then once before bed.  If I don't grab him straight from the crib, to the chair in his nursery with the door shut and a quiet house, he won't nurse.  If he sees his dad, the dogs, or hears any kind of commotion going on, he wants to be in the mix.  I've been getting frustrated, because I know he needs milk, but I also know it's his way of growing up. 

And if I can be honest, I'm also glad to be done nursing to get my bra's back.  Are you ready to be completely shocked and maybe even grossed out.  Well, I've only had 2, yes 2 nursing bra's this whole year.  One black and one white.  I will be so happy to 1, not have to wash my bra's every week and 2, wear a more flattering bra!

If any of you soon-to-be mommies ever have a boobie feeding question for me I'd be glad to give you some nips tips!



Anonymous said...

Awesome job! We are still going strong at 9 months, but he is getting more and more distracted. And like you said it's hard not to get frustrated, but I know he's just growing up!

FirstTimeMom said...

Good job girl! It is sad when they start to push us away but I think if they didn't we would hold on to them forever so it's good that they do so. Not that I nurse Alex but he's been pushing me away for naps and to go to bed. He hates to be rocked to sleep now. It's both sad and awesome at the same time. I hope B allows y'all to make it to the 1 year mark. You've both done great!

Lori said...

love this post!! for me i only nurse because its so good for baby and its cheap! other than that it is not a favorite thing of mine!! I too am so ready to be back into nice bras, and i pray that my boobs will shrink!!! they are so huge, i hate it! i too only have 2 nursing bras, when i survived with only 2 for like 4 months i figures i might as well just keep going with 2 till the end!

Mrs. Mama said...

You crack me up! We have 2 months left as well... although, not going to lie... I think I may stop at 11 months and give her the rest of the freezer stash.

And the bra situation? I've been wearing normal bras. My boobs haven't leaked for like 4 months now and they aren't as ginormous as they used to be... just saggy and ugly.


Ginger said...

great job nursing for so long :-)

Anonymous said...

I will have questions for you, I am sure... in about 5 months :)

the boobs will inflate
perhaps they won't be as perky, but they will inflate

I worked in a lingerie shop in my student years and have seen it all :)

Traci said...

I also only had two nursing bras and my boobs have NOT recovered. I went to Victoria's Secret to get fitted for a new size and the lady couldn't figure out why we couldn't get the right size, then I told her I breastfed for 9 months and she goes "OH!...Well maybe your volume is just not in the right spot anymore". Ya think? I'm about 1-2 sizes smaller now and I still don't have a bra that fits quite right. I tried on every style that VS has to offer and the one I got still doesn't fit quite right...at least not like it us to.