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Friday, September 16, 2011

Blanket Bust

It is most definitely fall. 

I live in Ohio, which means at this time of year it is jacket weather in the mornings and evenings, you sweat your balls off in the afternoon, and at night it is most definitely cuddle weather.  (Shit, I need to shower more often.)

Because of this sudden temperature plunge at night, I thought it was a perfect time to have B learn to sleep with a blanket.  Not that he would keep it covering him considering he practices his Cirque de soleil tricks all night, but I figured he could at least snuggle up with it. 


I woke up somewhere around 1am to a subtle moaning sound.  It sounded like, "Mmmmmmmmmhhhh, Mmmmmmmmhhh."  You know, one of those sounds.

I quickly clicked on the video portion of the monitor and to my horror slash entertainment, B was sitting, rocking back and forth, with the whole blanket completely covering his body. 

Wait was it a ghost?  It was hard to tell in my sleepy stooper.  Of course I ran right in, unveiled my little guy, and helped him lay back down, and REMOVED the blanket. 

I guess I'm back to dressing my kid for the Alps before bed.



FirstTimeMom said...

Yikes!! Sounds like he was playing with it more than sleeping with it. Or he rolled too much and got it stuck? Alex has slept with his blankie since 5 months old. I've never seen it over his head. Maybe try giving it to B for naps at first? That's what I did with Alex 'cause I wanted to see how he would do with it before I decided to let him sleep with it at night. Now, omg he's SO attached to the dang thing. GL if you decide to attempt it again.

♥Sarah♥ said...

Luckily for us November is the cold and wet season, so having our little man covered with a blanket wont be a problem, my only worry is that we will have the pak n play set up in our bedroom against and exterior wall and hopefully that wont be to cold? Right now its the same spot our dog's bed is in, but for the baby the dogs bed will move to hubs side of the bed. I can always layer blankets against the pak n play tho to keep it warmer if need be.

Shanny said...

I keep saying I want to train the kids to sleep with a blanket also but I'm too petrified. Why? Well because when they are up and playing if I have any blanket or any piece of their clothing around they immediately use it to cover their faces... at night? I don't dare yet. Alps dressing it is.

I am OK said...


Amber @ Luv and Laughter said...

I just came across your blog from Wishing & Waiting! I too have PCOS & live in Ohio! This weather is crazy! I never know how to dress in the morning because you need the heat on in the car and by noon, I'm sweating my booty off and have the air turned on.