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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Let me introduce you to my


What the heck's a boobie-do you ask?

The official definition: "A Boobie-do is when your belly sticks out farther than your boobies do."

So, isn't that beautiful? Now I've had my boobie-do since about the beginning of my third trimester but it is now in full force. I mean look at the angle of the slope my tee-shirt makes from my shoulder, bypassing my chest, going straight to by belly. That is the true curvature of a woman's body eh? No chest, no waist, just a nice straight line from the shoulder to the belly. Every man's dream figure for their wife.

38w2d Update:
Cervix: Still tightly closed
Effacement: None
Baby: Not dropped

For over a year my body never did what it was "supposed" to do. My body didn't have a period. My body didn't ovulate. My body didn't get pregnant. Now, all of a sudden, my body decides to do what it's supposed to do, and keep a tight cervix, and a strong cozy womb for my baby for an entire 40 weeks. Well what do ya know?

I'll just be hanging out with my boobie-do for another week and a half!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Relax. It will happen"

This morning as I sit in front of my computer I find myself contemplating the irony of my situation. I feel as if I have totally gone FULL CIRCLE in my infertility journey and I find myself back at the beginning. Well, obviously not totally at the beginning because I do realize I've had success and there is a baby in my belly, however I find myself mentally and physically going through the actions I had gone through for months ttc.

Oh the irony...

I know I need to "relax" and let labor happen when it happens. But still, hearing that word "relax" or the phrase "relax, it will happen" still makes my ears burn and my spine cringe. I couldn't relax then, and I sure as hell can't relax now.

Also, how the hell can I relax, or the other dreaded, "try not to think about it" when that's literally the only thing I possibly can think about??? First off, I have weekly OB appointments and my doctor's office calls 2 days in advance to remind me of the appointment, therefore, I'm literally having to deal with my OB every 2-3 days. Umm, right. You try not to think about it.

Not to mention the daily reminder of my boobs resting on my stomach, which rests on my thighs, which take longer to stand up on. Yeah right, you try not to think about that.

Plus, I am back to the TP obsession phase of my life. Every wipe. Every single wipe deserves at least a 30 second clinical inspection. Was that my mucus plug? Is there a bloody show? Could that have been my water breaking?

Now, there is only one reason I do anything in life anymore. "Let's go on a walk. It might help me go into labor." "Let's eat Mexican. It might help me go into labor." "Let's clean the house all day. It might help me go into labor." "Let me buy this really expensive diaper bag I want. It might help me go into labor." (Ok that last one might have been stretching it.)

Oh, and let's not even mention the obsession I have once again with my boobs. "Are they getting more tender?" "Is that colostrum seeping out?" "Are my nipples ready?" "Will I produce enough milk?"

Lastly there is the analysis of every little twinge my body feels. This time it's not wondering if that twinge was my ovary trying to ovulate, or the embryo trying to implant. This time it's the wondering if this twinge is the onset of a real contraction that will hurt. Or maybe it's my cervix thinning. Or maybe it's my baby coming out to say hi!

It just amazes me how sometimes you can feel like you've come so far, yet feel like you're right back where you started. Well, right back where you started with a tiny human in your belly :)


Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have a few confessions to make:

After my 37week doctor's appointment yesterday, which by the way I am still very healthy and very lucky that everything is going fine, and after another check of my cervix which is still tightly closed, I went home and did it. I actually googled "How to go into labor."

I know, I know, the baby will come when he's ready. I'm only 37 weeks and shouldn't be panicky, I should just sit back and be patient and thankful that I'm in this situation that I've wanted to be in for so long, but I can't help it. I'm ready to have this baby now. Just to save you from the curiosity of googling it, here is what it said:

Sex: Semen can soften the cervix and releases hormones called prostaglandins which can initiate contractions.

Nipple Stimulation: Can bring out the release of oxytocin which is a natural form of pitocin.

Walking: Can help the baby down the birth canal

Spicy Food: No studies on this one, just could help

Castor Oil: Creates waves and contractions in your GI tract (which I'm sure hurt like hell and are very uncomfortable) which surround your uterus and could stimulate the uterus to contract as well. Or you will just vomit and shit your pants.

Blue and Black Cohosh: Some herb thing that I'm not into.

My second confession: My strep culture came back positive. Yep, I'm one of the 20% of woman who are carriers of the strep bacteria. It's no big deal really, they will just administer meds through my IV when I go into labor. It's just weird to think that my vagina has a strep throat.

My third and last confession: I said "Yes" to my doctor after she asked me if I was still taking iron pills when the truth is I haven't taken one in a week because they make me way too constipated. So there you have it. The truth is I'm a constipated, lying, horrible mother who is trying to hurry her child out of a soft warm place into the cold hard world. Wish me luck!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun With Numbers

# of times I peed last night: 5

# of times I pooped last week: 2.5

# of tissues I've used for this cold: 1/2 a box

% of food that drops from my mouth and lands on the floor: 0%

# of times I look in the nursery a day: 2

# of times I look at myself a day and think "Holy baby bump!": 502

# of times I've shaved my legs in the past month: 2 (I should probably get on that)

# of people last week who asked when I was due: 3

# of those people who thought I was having a girl: 1

# of those people who thought I was having a boy: 2

# of walks I try to take daily: 2

# of seconds it takes me to get from a laying position to a standing: 56

# of calories I feel like consuming in a day: 30,000

# of unnecessary break downs over things such as DVR recordings: 3

# of times I think my water has broke but find out it's just a nice amount of CM: 5

# of times I've had to lift a finger to do something around the house: 0! Thanks hubs!


Friday, October 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Fabulous

The Good: We got to see Bradley's little face today!!! He has these chubby little cheeks. We saw him yawn and saw him suck on his hand. But those cheeks, oh those cheeks. So precious.

The Bad: Because he is head down, facing backward, all ready for delivery, it was impossible to get any 4D images. The pictures that were printed out weren't good at all so I don't have any photos to share.

The Fabulous: My placenta has moved up! It has moved up into the "normal" range so I am completely out of the danger zone. That was a relief. Also it feels so nice to sit there and hear the doctor say, "The baby is growing perfectly, you measure perfectly, your weight gain is perfect, your fluid level is perfect, and your blood pressure is perfect." Ah, what sweet music to my hears.

It is also fabulous how I can take pleasure in the little things. My doctor made a couple comments about how great it is that I'm still wearing my wedding ring. She says how most of her patients get so swollen that they have to take them off. She said how great it was that I can still wear them and hey....any positive feedback makes me feel good at this point!

In other news: At this appointment I also had my strep test. You're probably thinking "Open up and say AHH" right? NOPE! This strep test was more like "Open up your legs and scoot your butt down." Yes, they had to take the culture from down there. It was actually a very comfortable/uncomfortable position. There I was in the stirrups, butt at the end of the table, and knees dropped open wide, when my doc decided to explain the strep test to me. She stood there, both her arms resting on both my knees, in between my legs, explaining the test. "This test is a test that every pregnant woman gets because up to 20% of humans are carriers of the strep bacteria. It is a fine bacteria to carry however it can be passed to your baby if you have it. So If you have it we'll just put you on an antibiotic next week until you deliver. No biggie." Great doctor, you're right, no biggie......just slightly weird that I'm talking to you through my legs. "Here" she says as she hands me the specimen cup to hold as she goes in where the sun don't shine with a Q-tip.

Finally, the biggest news yet. With the ultrasound we of course get the estimated weight of the baby. Are you ready for this?? He's coming in at 36weeks 3days weighing 6lbs 11oz!!!!! Holy big boy. I think my vagina hurts already....


Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Me Update

It's been a while since I've updated my blog on my pregnancy status. So here's a quick update:

I am currently 36w 2d pregnant. *Wow!*

I have my weekly appointment tomorrow with another ultrasound. *Yay!*

I am now starting my weekly visits.

I am feeling huge, and had my first real hormonal/emotional breakdown. Why you ask? Well hubs and I were in the car. I needed to roll the window down, (yes, we still have a car where you have to "roll" the window down,) and my belly was so big and full after eating that I physically could not sit up and bend over enough to get it. Total melt down. Tears and all. Seriously.

Last night right as I parked at the grocery it started pouring down rain. Within the 18 seconds it took for me to RUN into the store I think I pulled a muscle in my groin. Possibly my left abductor. Seriously. I've gone from a fitness freak into a wimp that pulls muscles when they exert themselves.

I am becoming a paranoid planner. I am already the kind of person who will put detergent on the grocery list just when the current detergent is half gone. I can't bear the thought of "running out" of something even though our grocery is literally across the street. So anyway, thinking that I'm less than 4 weeks until d-day has gotten me crazy. I've already stocked up on pads because of all the "bleeding" I hear about that takes place post baby. Therefore I need more granny panties because I only own like 5 pair and that won't cut it. I feel like I need maternity pj's so I can just whip a boob out even though I know it's perfectly ok to just lift my shirt up in the privacy of my own home. I need a diaper bag right? And of course it needs to be fully stocked and ready to go on all these outings that I mysteriously think we will be going on. My dogs need another bath just so they can be super clean for when baby arrives. I have my email list all set up for hubs to make the announcement. I probably need one final hair cut and mani/pedi before I go into "new mom don't have time for myself mode". Uhg, there's just no rest for the weary.

On top of it all I've have this bummer cold. It's making me feel even more tired than I already am. Hopefully it will get better soon.

Well I think that's about it for now. I can't wait for our appointment tomorrow. Hopefully little B will show us his cute little face!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Yes! Another Birthday!

(Posting this a couple days early)

Happy birthday to our dog Kilo! On October 13th it is her 2nd birthday. Wow she's really getting up there! See, I told you I love fall. So many wonderful things including birthdays. Mine, hubs and Lacy's b-day is in September, Kilo's is in October, and Bradley's will be in November! It's a fall frenzy!

Back to Kilo. She was a rescue from the humane society. She was found off the streets of Cincinnati by the dog Warden. She was emaciated, frail and malnourished. They picked her up and took her to the humane society where she was treated for a couple wounds (she has a little scar on her face) and she was then spayed and put in a foster home. The foster mom took her and a few other puppies to Petsmart on a day we happened to be there getting Lacy more food. A couple tugs at my heartstrings later and I knew I wanted her. Hubs and I decided not to make a rash decision so we left the store with just the dog food. 20 minutes later we were back at the store, Lacy in hand so she could meet her new 8 week old sister. Impulsive? Maybe but it turned out to be the completion to our fur children. Here's a peek into Kilo's 2 years.

First day at home. You can see her butt bones sticking out and you could also see her ribs.

Learning to pee outside!

Learning to eat the food we give her inside, not scavenging outside. Lacy wondering how long this "thing" is going to stay in our house.

Kilo looking at me as if to say, "Are you my mommy?"

"Yes! Yes! You are my mommy!"

She loves her daddy too!

Growing bigger! She loves being the little spoon.

Being the little spoon again. (And this is how you can find me most nights after 9)

Once again, she's the little spoon.



Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

To my Mom & Dad! 34 years ago today they said "I do!"

What a great wedding photo. I just love this photo of them. In a time when divorce seems to be the norm among parents of my peers; I am truly grateful and thankful that I come from a family of such love for one another.

The oh so famous words of the great Dr. Phil (who I love, you can hate me, but I love him) go something like this: "The greatest gift a father can give to his children is to love, protect and care for their mother. The greatest gift a mother can give to her children is to love, protect and care for their father." I find those words to be so powerful, and so true.

I just want to say Dad, thank you for loving mom so wonderfully, so fully and so unconditionally. It is because of you I know what love is, and it is because of you I know how to love. Mom, thank you for loving dad so wonderfully, so fully and so unconditionally. It is because of you I know what love is, and it is because of you I know how to love.

It is also so wonderful to me that their anniversary falls on October 9th, and Bradley's due date is November 9th. In just one month my mom and dad will become grandparents for the first time. I am just so excited for them and know they will be the best grandparents in the world. I cannot wait to be able to give them such a precious title as Grandma and Grandpa. I know they are going to be such a huge part of Bradley's life, and I love it.


What Month Is it?

After answering "October, " the next answer out of most people's mouth would be "Breast Cancer Awareness Month." Then I would most likely say, "Save the boobs!" (I just love the save the boobs t-shirt campaign, I also love save the ta ta's. I don't know why, it just really speaks to me) =)

Well then, I would also like to remind you that it is also Realtor Safety Awareness month. Bet you didn't know that huh?
Well this actually got me thinking about how many "special celebrations" or "holidays" each month holds. So I began to research. October is also:
Hispanic Heritage Month
Disability Awareness Month
Computer Learning Month
Hunger Awareness Month
Month of the Dinosaurs
National Popcorn Popping Month
National Crime Prevention Month
National Clock Month

Also within the month of October there is:
Fire Prevention Week
Christopher Columbus Day
United Nations Day
Sweetest Day
and Halloween of course

Wow.... And this is just one month. Now don't get me wrong, all of these causes need a voice, especially breast cancer. But..if you were Mr. Hunger Awareness wouldn't you be a little annoyed at Ms. Breast Cancer for stealing all the spotlight? Just a thought.

Plus, how are we supposed to really keep up on all these causes. I try to be an activist, and do things for the greater good but really, who can donate time and/or money to ALL these? Plus you have Hallmark just loving it because it seems you're having to send out a card almost every day of the week to someone you know.

Truly, throughout the year there is the "normal" mother's days and father's days, but did you know there is also grandparents day? There is secretary day, nurse's day, teacher's day, bosses day, veteran's day, international woman's day, armed forces day and many many more. I mean we all know so many people that fall into one or more of these categories.

I think I'm going to make sure everyone I love and appreciate knows that I love and appreciate them every day of the year. Not just on one day out of 365. Sound like a good idea?


Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Fell

Fall did. Fall has officially fell. And I love it!

I'm waking up with a stuffy nose and watery eyes. I'm hearing the sounds of hubs snore because he can't breath in his sleep. I can't leave the bedroom anymore without a sweatshirt and slippers. On Friday nights we can hear the sounds of the announcer and the crowd roar from the high school football game across the street. I continuously here "Da nan nant, da nan nant" (the ESPN sound) from my living room whenever hubs is in there. I've roasted my first marshmallow over an open fire. I've already made myself sick off of Halloween candy I bought early "just in case" and promised myself I wouldn't open yet. Ahhhhhhhh yes, Fall is here, and I love it.

Last night we went to dinner with a group of people from hubs work. It had been the first time I'd seen to spoken to any of them since I've became pregnant. They are all sweet people, especially the wives, however, I just don't get why people always find it necessary to tell their horror stories. Why do people always default first to the stories of "how hard it was" or "how tired you were" or "how much everything in your life changed." Of course it always seems as if after 20 minutes of Debbie Downer stories they do always end with , "But I just loved being a mom, it was the best thing in the world!" Well great! Why don't you think about leading with that story next time eh?

It did get me thinking of how hubs and I only have 37 days left. 37 days till we meet this little man. 37 days left of hanging out together just us. Wow. It is crazy to think that after 37 days it won't be "just us" around the house again for a good 20+ years. That is pretty dynamic if you think about it. I guess with all the change in the air, and in our lives I'm getting pretty emotional. Last night hubs and I were talking. He said looking back when he was younger,
and thinking about what the "American Dream" would look like for him...this would be it. Great wife, great house, great dogs, and a kid on the way. WOW! *Tear* I love him so, I am so lucky.