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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Fabulous

The Good: We got to see Bradley's little face today!!! He has these chubby little cheeks. We saw him yawn and saw him suck on his hand. But those cheeks, oh those cheeks. So precious.

The Bad: Because he is head down, facing backward, all ready for delivery, it was impossible to get any 4D images. The pictures that were printed out weren't good at all so I don't have any photos to share.

The Fabulous: My placenta has moved up! It has moved up into the "normal" range so I am completely out of the danger zone. That was a relief. Also it feels so nice to sit there and hear the doctor say, "The baby is growing perfectly, you measure perfectly, your weight gain is perfect, your fluid level is perfect, and your blood pressure is perfect." Ah, what sweet music to my hears.

It is also fabulous how I can take pleasure in the little things. My doctor made a couple comments about how great it is that I'm still wearing my wedding ring. She says how most of her patients get so swollen that they have to take them off. She said how great it was that I can still wear them and hey....any positive feedback makes me feel good at this point!

In other news: At this appointment I also had my strep test. You're probably thinking "Open up and say AHH" right? NOPE! This strep test was more like "Open up your legs and scoot your butt down." Yes, they had to take the culture from down there. It was actually a very comfortable/uncomfortable position. There I was in the stirrups, butt at the end of the table, and knees dropped open wide, when my doc decided to explain the strep test to me. She stood there, both her arms resting on both my knees, in between my legs, explaining the test. "This test is a test that every pregnant woman gets because up to 20% of humans are carriers of the strep bacteria. It is a fine bacteria to carry however it can be passed to your baby if you have it. So If you have it we'll just put you on an antibiotic next week until you deliver. No biggie." Great doctor, you're right, no biggie......just slightly weird that I'm talking to you through my legs. "Here" she says as she hands me the specimen cup to hold as she goes in where the sun don't shine with a Q-tip.

Finally, the biggest news yet. With the ultrasound we of course get the estimated weight of the baby. Are you ready for this?? He's coming in at 36weeks 3days weighing 6lbs 11oz!!!!! Holy big boy. I think my vagina hurts already....



Anonymous said...

Haha. That would definitely be awkward to talk to my doctor through my open legs! :) So happy to hear your placenta has moved. Gives me hope. :) And holy healthy baby!! :)

Mrs S said...

Oh no!! Haha!! Things to look forward to huh? My friends baby boy was 10 lbs, 5oz when she delivered! She ended up having an emergency ceasar tho... Good luck :)

Holly said...

whoa! almost 7lbs already? not a tiny baby for sure. But great news that he's healthy and that the placenta is right where it should be :)