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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Me Update

It's been a while since I've updated my blog on my pregnancy status. So here's a quick update:

I am currently 36w 2d pregnant. *Wow!*

I have my weekly appointment tomorrow with another ultrasound. *Yay!*

I am now starting my weekly visits.

I am feeling huge, and had my first real hormonal/emotional breakdown. Why you ask? Well hubs and I were in the car. I needed to roll the window down, (yes, we still have a car where you have to "roll" the window down,) and my belly was so big and full after eating that I physically could not sit up and bend over enough to get it. Total melt down. Tears and all. Seriously.

Last night right as I parked at the grocery it started pouring down rain. Within the 18 seconds it took for me to RUN into the store I think I pulled a muscle in my groin. Possibly my left abductor. Seriously. I've gone from a fitness freak into a wimp that pulls muscles when they exert themselves.

I am becoming a paranoid planner. I am already the kind of person who will put detergent on the grocery list just when the current detergent is half gone. I can't bear the thought of "running out" of something even though our grocery is literally across the street. So anyway, thinking that I'm less than 4 weeks until d-day has gotten me crazy. I've already stocked up on pads because of all the "bleeding" I hear about that takes place post baby. Therefore I need more granny panties because I only own like 5 pair and that won't cut it. I feel like I need maternity pj's so I can just whip a boob out even though I know it's perfectly ok to just lift my shirt up in the privacy of my own home. I need a diaper bag right? And of course it needs to be fully stocked and ready to go on all these outings that I mysteriously think we will be going on. My dogs need another bath just so they can be super clean for when baby arrives. I have my email list all set up for hubs to make the announcement. I probably need one final hair cut and mani/pedi before I go into "new mom don't have time for myself mode". Uhg, there's just no rest for the weary.

On top of it all I've have this bummer cold. It's making me feel even more tired than I already am. Hopefully it will get better soon.

Well I think that's about it for now. I can't wait for our appointment tomorrow. Hopefully little B will show us his cute little face!



omginindy said...

Whoo! Okay, glad to know these feelings are normal, or at least someone else has them too. I'm three weeks behind you, but man oh man, is it flying by! Hope the cold goes away quick.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I can't see your picture. :( Is it a cute picture of your baby belly??? :) Time is definitely flying! I feel like you just made your pregnancy announcement!

Kim said...

You are such the planner! I am just like you - hate to run out of things so I have backups of backups Sometimes I forget if I have something, so I just buy another in which case I have 3 or 4 of the same items.!

Poor honey with the meltdown, I can see why not being able to open the window was upsetting. I wonder how our men hold it together without laughing.

I cannot believe you are only 4 weeks away. Yowzer! So excited for you. You sound liek you have everything under control. Take a minute & breathe, relax and know everything is going to be ok. :)

Ashley said...

I can't see the pic either! I am a paranoid planner too and now I know what to look forward to in those later months...haha.
Hang in there, you are ALMOST there!!!!!!!

Holly said...

wow 36 weeks!!! I can't believe it is flying by so fast. Super bummed I can't see your pic though! I bet you look ridiculously cute :)

Bridget said...

I'm so thankful for the update! You've been in my prayers for an awesome pregnancy and a beautiful memory filled time while you cherish this!

**I also can not see your picture. :(

5th Belle Avenue said...

You look fantastic! It's probably the good 'ol nesting that is taking over. I hope you're able to find some relief and relax!

Project Baby said...

I hope you get over your cold and don't forget to breath. :)

Mrs S said...

When I am at your stage I know I am going to be exactly the same! A friend recommended cooking some meals and freezing them for those first few weeks, just an idea!
Oh and don't forget, I bet hubby would be more than happy to do your grocery runs. Spend a little time chilling- def get that mani/pedi! :)

Radiant Readhead said...

it is great to see another IF success story!! I just stumbled onto your blog from another IF mother who lost a baby like I did. I am not IF (that I know of), we are currently trying for our second child and God willing will come out screaming. this is month 4 trying....hoping for a BFP soon!