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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things about me

-  It's been over a month and I still don't remember the child proofing locks in the kitchen and yank the crap out of the cabinets.

-  I am not too proud (or grossed out) to pick up food my kid threw on the floor and zip-lock it.  Um, that organic shit is expensive.

-  Anything becomes a toy when I have to poop.  Here kid, you wanna play with the toilet paper? Knock yourself out. Oh you wanna eat it too? Cool.

-  I freaking love going to the grocery store.  Is it because I get to push my kid in the cart?  Is it because it's somewhere I can actually see other humans my size? Who knows, but love it.

-  I was caught out in the rain the other day and now a wheel on my BOB squeaks.  Super pissed about it.

-  Sometimes (very rarely) I wish I wouldn't have trained my kid to be such an independent sleeper and wish he would sleep in my arms.

-  I get so excited too buy new diapers or wipes.  Huh??? I don't even know how to explain this one.

-  Most nights I'm so tired by the time I make it upstairs, I don't even brush my teeth.  Gross. 



I am OK said...

Try some WD40 on that wheel, worked for my jogging stroller after forgetting it outside in the rain, many moons ago.

Thanks for laughs. Cooper is almost 8 and I still love going to grocery store, although now I call it Alone Time. It sort of rocks. :) But man did I love pushing him around in those carts and finding a reason to open the cookies before we got to the register.

BU said...

Sometimes at the grocery store I strike up a conversation with another mom just so I can have an adult convo. I think they might start asking me to leave.

Kim said...

LOL girl your list cracked me up! I especially love the comment about the organic food, I would pick it up off the floor too.....dirty organic food must be better than clean non-organic, right?! ;)

I think getting out and seeing adult people is the excitment behind the grocery, although I enjoy food shopping, so not sure what my excuse is!

FirstTimeMom said...

Yup, agreed with all of those! Especially the love for buying new diapers and wipes! Love love love!! :D Hope you can fix the BOB wheel!

Anonymous said...

In my first trimester I was too tired to brush teeth, too ;) I dread what it will be like when the baby arrives - I am hearing shower becomes a luxury!!!

♥Sarah♥ said...

You crack me up, but I have to admit there was a 5 month stretch of time when the thought of brushing my teeth would make me throw up. So yes I was one of those people that did only brush in the morning, and did throw up every morning in doing so. But hey at least I got the morning breath to go away until I yacked. TMI sorry.