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Thursday, September 2, 2010

10, 9, 8,...!

The count down is on!!! I am 30 weeks pregnant. Only 10 weeks to go. Unbelievable. Where the heck did the time go?

This past Tuesday we had our 30 week appointment and our check up ultrasound to check the location of the placenta. I was soooooooooo excited for this ultrasound because I was really looking forward to getting some 4D images of little B's face. Well, Bradley was in no mood to have his picture taken. Bummer :-(

Good news is that my placenta has moved up slightly. It is still what they consider low lying but it is in no way going to affect a vaginal delivery. His heart was at 144bpm which is exactly what it was 2 weeks ago. The ultrasound said his estimated weight now is 3lbs 8oz! Right on target. The u/s also showed him to have hair on his head! So cute! Plus we still have the confirmation that it is a boy. Phew.

We couldn't get a picture of his face because using the Dr.'s words, "He's in there like a taco." He is literally folded in half with his legs straight up over his face, and his feet at the top of his head. We did everything to try to get him to move. I moved to my side, the Dr. buzzed him with this thing that looks like an electrical shaver. He did jump when she buzzed him which made me feel good because obviously he has his hearing! But still, he went right back to the taco. I was worried and asked if he had enough room and if my fluid levels were low. The Dr. said no that my fluid levels were fine and there were plenty of fluid pockets, he's just comfortable with his feet in his face.

So here is the best picture we received. At the bottom center you can see the profile of his face. Big forehead (must be the hubs) and you can see the eye sockets and then the cute button nose. The white shadow looking thing at the bottom is his ear. Towards the middle left of the picture you can see where his shoulders begin and go into his body. Then at the top starting from the left you can see his legs shooting across up over his head. At the top right of the picture you can see his legs get skinner as to where the ankle joint is. If you look closely you can even see the knee cap area. At the very tip top is the placenta.

I can't believe that's his last picture in-utero!



Shanny said...

Awwww I can see his little profile, too cute!!!!

I'm glad your placenta is cooperating with you, its crazy how time is flying! It seems like only a month ago we both got our BFP's and now we are just weeks away from meeting them.

Littlest True Blue said...

Can't wait for the In Real Life photos in 10 weeks!!! soooo crazy! Time has gone so fast! Glad to hear placenta is out of the way! I'm having another u/s at 30 weeks too to check if mine did its thing..I'm really hoping NOT to have a c-section!

Anonymous said...

10 Weeks!?!? That's crazy! I have a theory though of why I think our pregnancies are flying by. We tried for so long before actually getting pregnant that the 9 months of being pregnant seems to fly by. What's 9 months compared to years of trying? That's my theory anyway. :) He's adorable! Can't wait to see his little face in about 10 weeks!

Amanda said...

Congratulations,he's adorable, I can't wait to see picture of him in 10 weeks!!!