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Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday To You...and You...and you & you!

I think I might have mentioned earlier in a post how September is full of events, especially birthdays. I feel like in the upcoming weeks I will be having to make a few more posts than normal.

For starters, my shower is tomorrow! yay! I am very excited to see some friends and family that I haven't seen in a while. I will be sure to take lots of pictures.

Also tomorrow, September 11th is my precious dog Lacy's birthday! She will be 7 years young. Here are a few pics of this sweet little girl through the years.

Just a Pup

Resting on her big brother at the time.

How precious!

Growing bigger. Almost can't fit on her favorite spot by the window!

Growing big and strong!

She's her daddy's girl.
The beautiful Lacy now. (well add a few more white hairs)

On September 12th is my Mom's birthday and also my father-in-law's birthday.

On September 13th is MY birthday. Yes, just one day after my mom's. You will get that whole story later.

On September 16th is hubs birthday. Yes, only 3 days apart from mine, it was meant to be! Also, obviously he shares his birthday with his twin brother so more on that story to come.

Wow, busy busy week ahead of birthday fun. First things first though, off to my baby shower tomorrow. Que the corny games and a butt load of "ohhs" and "ahhs." (Man I dislike baby showers.....even if they are in my honor :-) Is that bad? I might not want to mention that to anybody tomorrow. I should be all smiles, right?



Lindsay said...

Aww, those puppy pictures about made me DIE! SO cute!

unaffected said...

Lacy is adorable! Have fun at your shower :) I think showers are much more enjoyable when they are in your honor!

FirstTimeMom said...

omg your bday is the day before mine and your hubbies bday is the day before my hubbies!! How weird!! My Dad's bday is the 11th and he is a twin. There's a lot of koinkidinks there. :) Love the pictures of your doggie :)

♥Sarah♥ said...

Happy birthday...I also have a 7 years young yellow lab, Cadet. He is my baby boy, and will be an awesome family dog. I cant wait to see him playing with my children.

Have a great baby shower, and even if you dislike them enjoy the family and friends welcoming your little one.


Jess said...

I heart the pic of the puppy practically falling off the counter! CUTE!

Have fun at your shower! Hope to see pics of the cute loot!


Amanda said...

I love the pic's of your puppy so cute! The hubby wants one but the house isn't big enough for a puppy that big :) Its funny me and the hubby are 3 days apart as well, I also feel that's it was meant to be. Congrats on the baby shower! Have fun! You waited a long time for this and have probably been to a few more than you would care to, so this one is for you and your baby enjoy it!

Project Baby said...

OMG Lacy is so cute. You do have lots of birthdays coming up. But I am a September baby too and so is my hubs. So September babies are the best. :-)

Try to relax and have a good time at your shower!

Kim said...

Lacy is adorable!!! I love her! And holy birthdays batman! Lots of celebrating, and lots of reasons to celebrate!!! Enjoy xoxoxoxox