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Friday, June 3, 2011

It's been a while since I've peed on anything.

So I realized that with last weeks news of the red dragon I haven't really shared where I go from here with PCOS and TTC.

Hubs and I talked and right now our main concern is the health of my ovaries. My precious two little O's. With PCOS you can have a period but still not ovulate. Therefore with each cycle follicles can grow, but if they don't release you end up with cycs on your ovaries which just multiply each cycle. Hence the name "polycystic." (Poly-meaning more than one, cystic-meaning, uh, cysts) (See mom and dad aren't you glad I learned something from my Medical Terminology class that I skipped many times in college to do more important things like lay out).

So anyway the huge question is am I ovulating? I've decided to do a little home experiment and use OPK's to determine the answer to this questions. Yes, I'm going to start peeing on things again. Can't believe it.

The bummer is I have no idea if I'm going to be having 28 day cycles, or 228 day cycles so I have a feeling there will be more than one (poly) OPK kits purchased in my near future.

The plan: If I never ovulate then it will be back to the Ob and back on the pill for me. The pill is the only way to reduce or even prevent the cysts from occurring. If this is the case then we know that when we are ready for #2 it will be back to our RE for the cocktail of Rx's that worked last time.

If I do ovulate: Holy shit what I've been listening to for years that "Your body might regulate itself after pregnancy" actually came true for me, and we could possibly, actually, maybe, even, get pregnant by having sex. WTF?

So basically our plan is to use the pill for the health of my ovaries, not contraception. No, NO, NO! We are not planning on TTC anytime in the near future, but at this point we aren't going to protect against it if we don't have to. I'm pretty genius when it comes to my body, timing, cm, bbt and the scientific pull-out so even if I am ovulating there will be no accidental pregnancy bull shit going on over here on this blog!



♥Sarah♥ said...

The title of this post had me freaking out...I was expecting a test with a big + sign. Then I realized that little man is on 6 months old and you prolly want to wait awhile. Slly me. Thank you for the coupon, Im trying to finagle a deal on the dresser and hutch that i want, but when I called again last night the man told me that the coupon doesn't apply to the davinci stuff...odd since the lady i spoke to just got me a great deal on the crib. Anyhow Ill let ya know what happens with that.

FirstTimeMom said...

I'm praying your body has regulated itself so you don't have to deal with the pill at all again. We also are not actively TTC but we aren't preventing either. I'm in disbeliefe that we could be one of the ones that has a magical pregnancy by having sex after dealing with IF for 5 years but, maybe? Either way, GL!!

Anonymous said...

I am really interested to find out whether this whole "after-pregnancy self-regulation" is true!

My ovaries were HUGE after a whole year of TTC - after I gave up the BC pill and didn't ovulate AND didn't have AF...

My Infertile Confessions said...

I too have pcos and am PRAYING that my body miraculously regulates itself after we deliver as well. DH doesn't want to use ANY bcp's after either, even though I really don't want to get pregnant for a LONG time! It would be a miracle if we concieved naturally anyways, since it took us so long this time ;)

Three Cats and a Baby said...

Not that I have the choice of ever "trying" for a number two...but if I did, it would not be on my radar right now! haha. I am way too tired with number one right now!!

I hope your body has regulated itself. You deserve a break!

Ah, the life of infertiles...always peeing on stuff :)

Maria said...

hi tiffany!! i just found your blog and am looking forward to following. i was cracking up at your post above about your encounters with meeting new mamas! i'm not a mother yet but so many of my friends tell me of these hilarious stories! i love your sense of humor and am looking forward to stopping by more often! :)
i also have a blog about ttc our 1st after 5 losses.
sending you fertile vibes for whenever your times comes :)