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Saturday, June 11, 2011


  • It is CD 16 (or is it17?) and there is no sign of a surge. Not even a hint of a sign. I am bummed. Annoyed. I really really REALLY don't want to have to go back on the pill. But oh well, there could be much worse things, I know.

  • I just got done reading a FB thread of my friends announcement of finding out the sex of their second baby. Another boy. In the thread of mostly congratulatory comments, there was actually, in black and white, the admittance that she was "quite bummed" that it "was" not a girl. With my jaw dropped I was actually able to still vomit in my mouth. Plus what is the deal with her saying it "was" not a girl. No, it "is" not a girl. In fact, it "is" a boy. Why are you talking about this sweet little baby like it is in the past tense? Then there was a responsive comment from another person admitting they felt the same way when their first was a boy, but then had hoped for a boy for the second one and got a girl, and seemed bummed about that. More vomit in my mouth. On top of everything else, the only positive thing that seemed to be said was about the "financial upside" of being able to hand-me-down clothes. What? The positives should be this baby is healthy! He has all 10 fingers and toes! He is thriving!! But no...nothing like that. Vomit, vomit, VOMIT!

  • I am annoyed when people don't realize the MIRACLE of conception, and the MIRACLE of a healthy baby, and the MIRACLE of having children via birthing them or adoption.

  • 2 months now and I still actually feel like I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to feeding my little man solids. That annoys me. He seems to eat and love what I give him, but there is no rhyme or reason to it.

  • Apparently I am feeling so annoyed that all I had in me was a bullet style post.

  • Tiffany


Sherrie Elise said...

When you deal with infertility, you respect the miracles of conception. I believe that people who ride the IF rollercoaster really get in and everyone else just doesn't! They literally don't get how lucky they are, so that they worry about the petty things. I would be sick to read that fb exchange too.

♥Sarah♥ said...

Ohhhhh Tiffany I understand completely, even thought I wasn't diagnosed with IF, I beleive I still had it, seeing that it took 3 years to get knocked up. And even though I didn't go on any type of meds to help with the little man that I carry now, I still went through the poking and prodding, the blood tests and temp-ing, the medical procedures, and more. Some people just don't get that for some of US its harder, and we are thankful for even being pregnant.

Hang in there.

My Infertile Confessions said...

I will admit it... I was soooo sure that one of my babies was a girl. Well, I knew baby B was a boy and I was SURE baby A was a girl. We went to find out the sexes and low and behold 2 boys! I am so excite and more than blessed and can't wait to have my boys here, especially after 2 1/2 years of IF and 2 uterine surgeries.
But, at the same time I had to "mourn" the loss of the girl I THOUGHT I was having. I cried for a day and now I can't imagine having anything else but my two precious boys! I blogged about it... but never did I post it on FB!

FirstTimeMom said...

I'm sorry your cycle isn't turning out the way you had hoped :( Hope you get that surge soon!

I too vomit when I see fertiles talk about their babies and say they were upset about the sex of each child. My BFF did the very same thing. 3 girls when trying for a boy. Her last was a boy and I think she's finally done. They financially can't afford 4 children but they had 4 anyways in hopes for a boy each time. How silly is that!? And she has PCOS to boot. I don't understand why she never had issues conceiving. It's not fair really! Ugh.

I also am feeding Alex solids with no rhyme or reason either. He just enjoys it. We moved up to stage 2 because he showed he wanted more and is doing great with it but other than that, no clue. Food before 1 is just for fun so just keep repeating that :)