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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pool Review

(Sorry these pictures are fuzzy because they are with my phone)

THIS POOL ROCKS! It actually wasn't that hard to blow up and we didn't even use a pump. All lungs baby. I took the advice of one of my brilliant readers, as you all are, and put a foam play mat under it and it is perfect.

I love it because it is just small enough that it doesn't take gallons and gallons of water to fill it up (plus I only fill it up past his thigh) but it is big enough that he can scootch around and play.

It's so light weight that it is easy to carry in and out of the house for use.

We love it!

Oh, and it tastes good too!

And p.s. So what if I'm too cheap to use a swim diaper when I'm at home....



I am OK said...

Too cute!

Traci said...

Pretty sure I'm going to buy one of those now!

FirstTimeMom said...

Very cute!! We didn't use a swim diaper either :) And from your comment on my blog about the black out liners....they worked GREAT!!!! Alex's room is super dark all the time now so I highly recommend them. The ones we got were from Target. They are very thick so they're energy savers too. They actually keep Alex's room cooler during the day than it used to be.