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Monday, June 6, 2011

Used to be a high-rolling infertile.

So, apparently I used to be a high-rolling infertile.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store to pick up an OPK kit. Today is CD10 so I wanted to start testing. (I usually *medicated-ly* O'ed around CD13 or 14). Anyhow, I was shocked. Have these tests gotten more expensive or did I just not used to care what they cost?

I bought the cheapest kit and came home. I went cabinet diving because I knew I had a left over ovulation test somewhere. I found it. The high-class souped up digital test equipped with the smiley face potential and everything. Holy shit I used to buy those kind?

I was one high rolling infertile.

Mind you, (if you remember or followed me back then) I was laid off the same month I got my BFP. Therefore MANY things have changed for us financially, not just the fact that a kid was added to the mix.

Anyway, I thought that was kind of funny I found it such a luxury to pee on a digital test this morning. Well I guess I should add to the funny-ness of it and let you know that it was actually an EXPIRED test. But hell no I wasn't going to throw it away without peeing on it.

Moving on to the cheapo kit I bought. I noticed that it has a picture of a mother and a baby on it. How offensive. Seriously. If I wouldn't have my own baby I would be offended. Why is there a baby on a freakin OPK kit? I mean some woman might be using it to PREVENT pregnancy. Right? I mean they should have a single woman drinking a martini in a night club on the box. Just a thought.

fyi-no surge



Bear said...

I get all my OPKs from the Dollar Store. I'll pee on a dollar stick same as I will a $13 stick :)

Traci said...

I think you can buy them on-line too. I bought them when I was POAS everyday. I don't remember what they cost but less than $1. Just Google it, I'm sure something will come up. I'm thinking about getting some myself. I'm 8 months PP and no period yet, and I've been weening. I would think it would show up any day now.

Traci said...


I'm pretty sure this is the website I bought from.

My Infertile Confessions said...

I also got mine on early-pregnancy-tests.com. They worked great! Unfortunately our problem was fertilization, not just ovulation :-/ I just through about 50 tests away too, figuring we'll never need them again since we FINALLY figured out what our REAL problem was! Good luck and I hope you get the classic CD 14 Ovulation!

FirstTimeMom said...

haha you crack me up girl. I too was a high rolling infertile. I can't even count the amount of $ I spent on stupid pregnancy tests. I never used OPK's. Btwn that and Fertility friend....ugh! And I agree, there shouldn't be a woman with a baby on the box. I love how they just assume that every woman would be using those kits because they want to get pregnant.

Sherrie Elise said...

Fertility support tools are definitely overpriced when you actually already have one kid at home to consider. Between diapers, wipes, and everything else, when considering future children, peeing on a stick can be done with the bargain brand this time around. Especially when it's going to end up in the trash anyhow. I so thoroughly agree with you.

Anonymous said...

ahh I remember every month/cycle purchasing OPK's- and yes the stupid picture on the front with the gerber baby was so annoying. It felt like it was mocking me! A little irrational, I know.

Melissa N. said...

I totally used to buy those digital kits! I thought it would cut down on the guess work of deciphering those non-digital sticks, and apparently cost was of no concern! Nowadays, my hubby is a full time grad student and I'm unemployed {BOOOO} so we don't even use a kit anymore, just do our "business" every other day CD 10 thru CD 18, and I get a progesterone level test on CD 21 to see if I ovulated. PCOS is such a pain in the butt!!

Kanis said...

After my cheapo HPT this morning, I went by the grocery store to pick up a "real" one. Holy! Twelve dollars for one stick! Crazy. Needless to say, I didn't buy it. I'll just want until AF or beta. :P

Anonymous said...

I know! I almost choked the first time I went to buy those. $45 for 7 sticks??? WTF?

I was so glad the clinic became my ovulation sticks for free :)

Terra said...

I bought a bunch from amazon.com, Wonderpro I think. I never got a positive LH surge, however I found out that you are supposed to check around 11 am, as opposed to your first morning pee. News to me! I guess I will try again this month!