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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Diapers Dot Com

I just have to take a few minutes of your time to talk about Diapers Dot Com again. As you can see I have a coupon code up top, and to the left of my blog. See it? You can use it to save 15% off your entire first order with them OR with another fabulous website Soap Dot Com. Once you use my code to save on your first order, you can create your own coupon code to hand out to your friends so you can continue your savings while spreading the word. It's just a win win if you ask me!!

So about the sites. First off it's important for everyone to know that they don't just have diapers! They have just about everything under the sun you might need for baby/home. I even bought my crib from the diapers site and it arrived the next day! Oh yeah, that's another good point. If you order by 5pm est your order will ship out that day, and arrive the next day at your door step. How awesome is that?! How nice is it to be totally sleep deprived and in no shape to go shopping and to have all your needs delivered to your door. What's that? You just used your last wipe? Running low on shampoo? A few clicks of the mouse and you will have it at your front door the next day.

Their prices are great too. I just put in a purchase for 282 diapers for less than 55 bucks. Pretty cheap if you ask me.

OH I FORGOT THE BEST PART. Any order 49 dollars or more gets you FREE SHIPPING!! Hello? No brainer.

Besides my crib and diapers I have also shopped there for nursing bras, baby proofing items and strollers.

Also, Soap dot com is like having the local drug store at your finger tips. Right after I gave birth and had no time to leave the house, I ordered mascara, powder, dish soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving cream and dryer sheets (because we were running out of all of those things) and they arrived the next day and I never even had to leave my home. Oh yeah, and all for no shipping charges!

These two sites are just about perfect for anyone, busy or not. It provides cheap prices along with convenience.

Again, use my code to save 15%, then you can create your own code to continue your savings. Happy shopping!



♥Sarah♥ said...

Bummer the 15% off doesn't seem to work on the crib I want. Boooooo. But thank you for all the kind words, the video makes me laugh each time he reaches between his legs to hide his goods...perhaps he is bashful, altho if he is anything like his father he will be an outgoing fun child.

♥Sarah♥ said...

Hey I just wanted to let you know that I called Diapers.com and they where able to apply the 15% off to my order. That means our crib is on its way...woohooo thanx for the savings girly.