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Friday, May 27, 2011

Craziest Day For a PCOS-er

I cannot even believe I'm about to write this....

(I bet some of you are fuming right now because you think I'm gunna say I accidentally got pregnant. Come on. Of course not. It's ME you're talking to here.)


I haven't started my own period in years, I mean YEARS! I can't believe my body just did this. OMG! It's like I won the lottery. It's like "I feel like a woman!"

I mean I really can't believe this is happening. I truly thought I would quit nursing at a year, wait two to three months then have my OB call in a script for provera. So I know this is a little ridiculous to get this excited over vaginal bleeding, but I can't help myself. (Isn't it so crazy how you can go from eagerly wanting bleeding, to being scared shitless if you see bleeding, to so happy to be bleeding again?) (( Are you ready for me to stop saying bleeding yet?)) (((Gross)))

Ok so maybe AF is the reason behind my milk production issues. I've heard from a fellow blogger that every month when AF arrives her production goes down, but then it comes back up. I hope mine will come back up in a few days then.

Plus I kid you not, just a couple of days ago I was feeling a tightness in my uterus and I was joking with hubs that I thought I was pregnant. I even made him feel my stomach and press down on it so he could feel how firm it was (not my stomach, my uterus, there is still nothing firm about my stomach). He thought I was being crazy but Ah Hah! See! I told you there was something funky going on in there. The bitch is back!

So wait....now that she is back does that mean I am ovulating or just menstruating? If I'm just menstruating that means my follicles aren't being released and therefore I'm going to start collecting cysts again therefore I will need to start the pill. Hmm. Ladies, looks like I'm going to be POAS again, an OPK stick that is.

Now to dust off those old tampons. (Literally, I blew on them and a cloud of dust flew off. ew.)



Mommy-In-Waiting said...

Yay for AF! I know if DH and I have to go the IVF route this Fall and get pregnant, we are going to start TTC#2 asap after the first, lol. It sounds like your body is doing what it needs to! I hope it continues so that if/when you are ready for number two, you have an easier time!

chicgeek82 said...

Yay! Congratulations! Is it weird to be congratulating someone on a period? I don't know.. but that's awesome news :) I'm so jealous haha!

♥Sarah♥ said...

Tiffany you crack my ass up. I being a regular bleeder am so looking forward to NOT bleeding (not anytime time soon that is), and here you are wanting to bleed. When the plumber was out last week he had to remove everything from under my bathroom sink, and when he pulled out the 3 boxes of Tampons I was a bit taken back by them, since im obviously pregnant. Anyway way to go AF and hopefully this might mean you are cured from all PCOS or POAS or whatever it is. LOL

SurlyMama said...

Glad your body's starting to do what it's suppose to. Yay for AF (not use to staying that).

FirstTimeMom said...

Yay for getting AF back on your own!! I hope and pray you don't collect cysts but yeah I would definitely keep a close eye on that. I hope and pray for you that being pregnant solved the PCOS issue. I know that can happen for some women. That would be fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

I so totally remember how I was insanely happy to get my own period - same emotions (I AM A WOMAN!!!)

congrats - i heard stories of pregnancy turning on the bodyworks... maybe you're the lucky representative of that group? :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for your body working!! :) I was NOT happy to get my period back considering I got it at 10 weeks postpartum. And yes my supply drops every single month about a week before AF arrives. :(