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Thursday, May 19, 2011

34 A,C

That would be my bra size.

To be more specific (since I'm sure you are dying to know) my bra size would be 34 Left A, Right C. Now, where to find a bra to fit?

I was completely prepared for the larger boobs that would come during pregnancy/lactation. Plus I was even prepared for the smaller "deflated" looking boobs I heard would come post lactation.


I was not prepared for this state of confusion my body seems to be in where my left side (weak side) has decided to slowly stop producing milk and my right side (strong side) has kept on keeping on.

So unless you have any suggestions for me I've come to these options: 1) Stuff left bra cup. 2) Intravenously inject dark beer and oatmeal in left breast. Or 3) Always carry baby/purse/object in front of chest while in public.

( . )( . ) (For you more visual folk out there)



♥Sarah♥ said...

Oh Tiffany Im sorry but that is too funny. Maybe victorias secret has some sort of wonder bra. I wasn't prepared for mine to grow as much as they have, or fill out a bar as great as they are now. But if it helps any Im a 34 A all the time and never filled out a bra completely until I got pregnant, and now Ive got cleavage for days. have you tried the mothers milk tea? Maybe that will belp your A boob.

FirstTimeMom said...

Bummer :( I only bf'd for a week and I wound up the the deflated look. I don't have any suggestions unfortunately :(

Ashley said...

This is hilarious, especially the illustration. I don't have any advice, but fingers crossed, it works itself out soon enough! :)
I have a feeling that your husband spends a lot of time looking at the right side of you. Lol!

♥ C said...

Hello, thanks for the comment and also following my blog! :) This post is very funny! hehe brought a smile to my face. I dont have any suggestions, fingers crossed it evens up for you!! hehe. xx

♥ C said...

Hello...I absolutley love your blog and I've just awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award :) Follow the link below and spread the love to other blogs you love :)


Anonymous said...

stopping by from ICLW
that's unusual! I used to work as a sales person in a lingerie store a long time ago and I had customers like that. They used to buy bras that have those little push-up pillows that you can take out of the designated little pockets. They used to transfer both pillows into one cups. And then I would sneak a couple extra for them. that's all you can do...