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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Please Don't Fail Me Now

Boobs. Please don't fail me now boobs.

Like I said in my previous post, I fear/feared I was drying up. (Isn't that phrase "drying up" the most hideous sounding phrase ever?)

So I think what happened is I got lazy. I know when babies start solids it is natural and normal for the milk supply to lesson because the baby's needs lesson. But still, I don't what mine to lesson. Every time I feed my baby cereal, i.e. every day, I pull frozen milk out of my freezer to mix it with. I used to pump around the same time I fed B solids so I could replenish the frozen milk I took out. Well the past couple weeks I got lazy in my pumping and boy, could I tell.

I started to totally freak out because I would pump and literally get nothing. Then I was worried that I was starving our kid, even though the 3 rolls on each of his thighs were telling me different.

Anyway, I know B is getting enough from me but I wanted to get my supply back up so I could (continue burning massive amounts of calories) wait, no, so I could replenish my stock.

So I began to google.....oh google....I love you. Basically with all my research it boiled down to only 2 things that have actually proven to work to increase ones supply: 1) Dark Beer 2) Oatmeal

So that night I had a Guinness. The next day I ate oatmeal. Repeat on days 2 and 3.

No change.

Maybe I need to put the beer IN the oatmeal?

Dunno. But I did get diligent in my pumping and I think it's coming back. At least, I'm not that worried about it anymore in the sense that I don't think I'm "drying up". (Eww that just sounds so gross.)

I guess there is no secret. It just all comes down to supply and demand.

Too bad my credit card doesn't work that way....I demand the hell out of that thing. When will it replenish my supply?



Cherbear said...

ahhhh, that doesn't sound right to me either. LOL I know nothing about this subject, but I sure hope your supply increases again for ya.

FirstTimeMom said...

I'm glad your supply seems to be coming back. WTG mama! I'm sure it's hard to keep up something like that. I gave up BFing pretty fast LOL