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Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Aftermath

No- Not my aftermath. All I did last night was google milk supply/drying up/increase milk production....and all those fun topics. That will be a later post.

For whatever reason I just keep thinking about all the people that went out partying last night,

Drank too much tequila,

Got drunk,

"Just relaxed",

Got within 10 feet of a sperm,

And in 2 weeks from now will find out they accidentally got pregnant.

Lucky sluts.

(JK! A little funny though right?)


♥Sarah♥ said...

hahahaha that is pretty funny.

A friend of mine was having milk production issues and she started to drink mothers milk tea and her supply nearly doubled. Its worth a try right?

I am OK said...

Oh my God - You are really funny . Lucky Sluts - I love it!

FirstTimeMom said...

haha yes...funny indeed!

Mrs S said...


♥Sarah♥ said...

Thank you Tiffany, I just re-read your whole blog and can agree with you more and more each day. Your sense of humor and telling it like it is just cracks me up. And I have found myself taking a lot of advise from a lot of the blogs I read. Your little guy is so darn cute, you and hubs did a great job, and the smile on his face just shows how truly loved he really is. I sure as hell hope the sickness goes away soon, because it just flat out sucks. Altho last night was a good night PRAISE the lord.

Anonymous said...

Haha love your sense of humor!