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Monday, October 10, 2011

Registry. You Presumptuous B.

Who would have thought that a wedding registry could get me so fired up.

There is nothing worse than having to buy a gift for a wedding you are having to go to.

Side note: I know my attitude is totally off, and I'm being seriously cynical here, but there is too much history that I will not get into to explain why my attitude is poor.

Quick background:  -This couple is fam of my hubs fam. Well, she is, he....well....isn't even a citizen.  (That's all I'm saying about that.)  - They are getting married on a FRIDAY, and it is an out-of-town wedding for us.  I hate that.  How freaking presumptuous.  I hate when people expect that everyone in the whole world should have to take off work to be at your wedding.   -I was invited to the shower.  "How nice" you think.  Um, no.  No.  Not at all.  How annoying is more like it.  I didn't go because I honesty had to work, but then I'm obligated to buy a shower gift.  Wtf.  

But lastly, the straw who broke the camels back, just happened.  The wedding is in 2 friday's, so I finally logged on to check the registry and buy some "because I have to" not "because I want to" gifts.  (Geez, I know I sound horrible right now.)  Anyway, to my f-ing surprise there was ridiculously expensive gifts on the registry.  I'm talking $600 dollar items and $400 dollar items.  Like, A LOT of them.  I'm thinking...."who the hell do you think your family is?"  I mean, I know I don't really know her family and friends she is inviting to this shindig, but really, is she expecting someone to buy her a $70 ironing board?  Really, how presumptuous.

Honestly I love weddings, I really do, but i hate, hate, HATE them or any "gathering" when they feel obligatory.

So weird.

So I'm off to buy a couple towels and gift wrap them really pretty cus, 1) that's all I can afford and 2) that's all your stupid registry will allow for.  (I emphasize just a couple because, um, they registered for 12 each of bath towels, hand towels, and wash clothes.  Twelve.  Who the HELL needs 12 towels of the same color?)Stupid.



FirstTimeMom said...

wow! Stick it to 'em girl! How ridiculous! I hate when people put stupidly priced items on their registries. I think that's just down right rude. Hopefully the wedding will be over with fast and you won't have to put up with it for long

Cherbear said...

I totally agree, a friday wedding??? That just sucks. I think that the "suggested" amount that BB&B tells couples is a set of 12!! (Of course, that's because BB&B just wants to make more money)

I felt the same way about my cousin's registry....they had a $2000 riding lawn mower on theirs!!!! (and they were living in an apartment....and building a house on less than 1/4 of an acre) Ummm....NO?!!!

Mrs. Mama said...

been there. done that (just a few weeks ago). and its NO BUENO, NO FUN.

ugh. hopefully they have some nice good booze maybe? still probably won't cut it, i'm sure.

have fun (although i know you probably won't... but ya know)

Kim said...

Ohhh how annoying that whole thing is. You are right, totally presumptuous, I would be bitter and angry too. You are nicer than me, I wouldnt even go to the wedding.

Tiffany said...

Kez71-I was looking for an email or your blog or a way to post a comment to you. Like I wrote in the beginning of this post, "there is so much more going on that I didn't get into" on reasons why my attitude is poor. I am so so sorry for your loss 2 weeks ago. I am so so sorry you are feeling so sad.