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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Excuse me Doc?

First off, here's my boy 8 weeks old!!

I know some of you are very curious as to what my Pediatrician said to us that slapped me right back into my infertile mind. So I will begin with that story.

It was actually at one of our first appointments, either 1 week or 2 week old apts. I do love our pediatrician because he (in the beginning) was spending just as much time, or even more time talking about me and how I'm feeling as compared to how Bradley was doing. I do think that was really nice. However, he was asking us some question about how the pregnancy went or something, and I had mentioned that being pregnant was easy, it was getting pregnant that was the hard part, and then I went on to explain our IF struggle. He then asked if we wanted more children and when. I said something like, "Well, we want to give Bradley a good shot at being the only kid for a while, and maybe give him a chance to get out of diapers before we give him a sibling." Well I was expecting to hear back something to the effect of , "Oh how nice!" Or even, "Good idea, diapers are expensive." But no, this is what I got..."Oh really? Are you sure? Most parents I know that went through fertility are very scared they won't be able to get pregnant again and they start trying right away." He even added a shocked looking face and scary tone to his voice. (Ok, maybe he didn't make it that dramatic but of course, that's how I took it.)

I think I was stunned, shocked even, and spent the rest of the appointment with my jaw dropped and my eyes wide open. I think it took me a good 10 minutes to finally blink again. "Thanks for that doc, now I am terrified and feeling the need to call my RE to tell her it's CD1 please call in my meds."

On that note, last week I had my post-partum appointment with my OB. We talked about the game plan in moving forward with my PCOS. I feel like having PCOS and breastfeeding puts you in a huge gray area. Because of breastfeeding, I might not get a period. Because of PCOS I might not get a period. So, if I don't get a period it's hard to tell which is the reason for the absence of Aunt Flow. So the big question is how log to we wait until they put me on the pill again. Now, I HATE the idea of going back on the pill but because of the cysts I know that it is more healthy for me to be on the pill and having regular periods than to not be on any medication. But I would really like a shot for my body to regulate itself and go 'all natural' if you know what I mean.

But then there is the whole issue of what happens if I spontaneously get pregnant now. First off, I know for that to happen pigs would fly, fat ladies all across the world would be signing, and unicorns would be real. However, my doc said she has had patients with PCOS get pregnant right after they give birth. For that reason, she asked if I wanted to be on the pill right now. I declined. But it has made me wonder what if.....................

My plan for now is to wait it out until my next apt which is in March. At that point we might decided to induce a period and go on the pill. But to me....if I'm still breastfeeding that still might be to early to go that far. I don't know. Like I said...gray area.

In conclusion to this whole post: PCOS SUCKS!



waiting and wishing said...


Hope said...

IF never really changes does it, even when we're pregnant or have our baby in our arms! Your post made me think I need to start thinking about those things now (although at my age getting pregnant on my own really quick wouldn't bother me!)

BTW - he is ADORABLE! But I'm sure you know that. :-)

Ashley said...

Omg cute baby!!!!
Now that I got that out of the way, I have already told my husband that because of my fears of getting any older (I'm 27) and also due to the rental fee of our frozen embryos, I feel like we will give another FET a shot pretty soon. Like while the baby I haven't even birthed yet is still in diapers. My friends think I am crazy...but I want to get all of the kids that I can on the ground and then breathe a huge sigh of relief that I don't have to worry about it anymore. But that is your call and definitely not your pediatrician's. Do what you feel is right for you. Happy New Year Lady!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

Wow your pediatrician is totally open with this feeling, huh? This should most definitely be YOUR decision, so don't let him try to scare you, when you feel like you are ready, then you and your husband will decide what the next step would be. On a side note though, I have ALWAYS said that I wanted my first to be out of diapers, or about 2-3 years apart from the other, and never ever did I think that I would miss pregnancy... but how odd that my baby isn't even 8 weeks old yet and I think to myself... hmm... it wouldn't be bad being pregnant again?! Am I off my rocker or what?! Haha. Must be the hormones. That or I have officially lost my mind!!

p.s. your little is is too adorable!

Kim said...

Wow, that must have made your head spin! Not what you were expecting to hear! I actually hear way to many stoies of couples who struggled to get pregnant, so when they had the baby they didnt prevent and had a big "whoops" suprise, so I think you are being in wise in considering it all.

Bradley is one cutie-petutie! I hate to sound cliche, but I really can't believ how fast they grow and how much they visibly change. It's insane!

Cherbear said...

Bradley is soooo cute!!

Shame on that doctor!

Shanny said...

1-"pigs would fly" hilarious!
2-Wow to the pediatrician's comment! how very insensitive... like most people when it comes to infertility... but still, he should know better!
3-PCOS does suck! I think its a good call to wait until next appt to decide. Tough decision to make if you are still breaastfeeding :-/
4- Bradley is such a cutie pie, love him!

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