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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Though I'd Never Be "That Mom"

But I am...

Hubs walks in the door from work.

Cue me:

"Ok so, today he did so good. He went 3 hours between all his feedings. Plus he had a blow out and it totally got all over his onesie. But that's ok because I was kind of excited to put him in a new outfit. And then it was 4 o'clock and he wasn't supposed to eat again until 5 so I gave him a bath and he did so great and it tided him over until 5. But I think we need to start soaking him in the tub so he doesn't get too cold. And he did tummy time but he loves being on his tummy so he just laid there until he fell asleep. Then he had another huge poop but it stayed in the diaper. So here he is, full, clean, dry, and happy. And I vacuumed, see?"...."Oh yeah so how was your day?"

But to be honest with you...I've never been so happy talking about nothing but my day cleaning my baby's butt. Ah, this is the life!

My smiling baby boy is 1 Month old!!!



Cheryl said...

What? Already one month old? How is that possible???? He is PRECIOUS!

Love the post by the way. Funny ;)

Cherbear said...

1 month already??? So adorable!!

Kim said...

He is sooo stinkin cute!!! Are you sure he wasn't having the blowout in that first pic?! That's quite a grin! ;)

Mrs S said...

Cute pics!

Auntie K said...

Such a handsome little man!

FirstTimeMom said...

he is so precious! I'm so glad things are going so well and I just k now I will be "that mom" too if my baby would ever decide to come out LOL

Jess said...

What a CUTIE pie!

Ashley said...

Aww so cute! Happy to hear things are going well!