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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

12 Weeks!

Safe to let the cat out of the bag! (Well, more out I guess since most of our friends and family already new)
12 weeks. What an appointment! First off we had the ultrasound. Our appointment was at 9:30am so I woke up around 7:30-8ish and just laid around till about 9. At that point I got dressed and drank a quick glass of apple juice and I was out the door. Well, let me tell you how much Cupcake loves apple juice!! It was hilarious to see this little tiny figure of a human jumping, doing flips, waving, kicking and bouncing around in there. I definitely suggest to sugar up before a 12 week ultrasound to get the best looking video there is. The downside, our pictures aren't that terrific cus the little gummy bear was so photogenic that it just wouldn't stop moving around for different poses. Oh well, it was amazing to see all the movement. It was also amazing to see it move so much, yet not be able to feel a thing. That is weird! Also, we heard the heartbeat. So incredible at 152bpm.
Secondly, before my appointment with the actual doctor the nurses had to do a finger prick to get blood samples for our 12 week test we opted to do. It is a test that will tell us the chances of down syndrome or any other trisomey. So there I was standing in the back lab part where all the pee goes for when they ask you to leave a sample. Gross. Nurse #1 pricks me, I bleed enough for one sample (they need 5) and then I must have stopped bleeding. Well she continues to hurt me by squeezing the crap out of my finger. (In my mind it felt like she was applying direct pressure which is what you do to STOP bleeding. No wonder I didn't bleed anymore.) So then she went to prick me again. New finger, same deal. Finally she went to prick me a third time...SAME DEAL...each time squeezing harder and harder. She calls nurse #2. Nurse #2 come and pricks me a forth time. Finally the blood starts coming out, when I start getting light headed. All the signs I was about to pass out: Light headed, seeing spots, ears ringing, sweating. She grabs me a chair and has nurse #3 run to get me crackers and a juice. (no lady, I've had enough juice today) Anyway, as I'm sitting there with my head between my knees nurse #2 is still squeezing my finger to get the blood. Mission accomplished, drama included!
Moral of the story...thank goodness for nurse #2 because if it weren't for her I probably would have had nurse #1 tell me to jump around or something when I told her I was light headed. Fingers crossed for this test!


Shanny said...

Awww the baby looks adorable!!! Yay for 12 weeks, its amazing isn't it? =)
Good luck with the testing, it will be fine!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture! I'm sure everything will be fine. :)

BabyWid said...

Great pictures!! Congrats on entering the 2nd trimester! Good luck with all the testing, I'm sure everything will be A-ok!

Kim said...

What a great mile marker! Sorry about your experience with the blood draw, but glad the U/S was perfect! What a cutie pie you have there!

Lisa said...

Beautiful picture. I am so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyy. You are entering the 2nd trimester. That must feel amazing! Cute pic! Thanks for sharing.

Lindsay said...

So exciting! I love your ultrasound pic! I can't wait for my u/s next week as we'll be at 12 weeks too!

Waiting Lisa said...

Wow. Look at that picture. Amazing. Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

I love your ultrasound picture!! Just the cutest cupcake I have ever seen!!