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Thursday, April 1, 2010

8w1d and New Bras

Well here I am 8 weeks along and I couldn't feel shittier, hence my absence from blogging. Today has been a good day, so it's a good day to catch up on all that's been going on with me and Cupcake.
First off. I need new bras already. I don't even need them so much for what you'd think I would need them for, growing breasts, in my case though it seems more like growing nipples. Yes, yes, as humiliating as that sounds, I need to get new bras to fit my nipples. (the things they never tell you)
Second, the headaches and nausea and fatigue have only sustained. To add to that gamut of issues this week I added a severe sinus cold with sore through, clogged nose, and the worst head pressure ever. Lovely.
On a positive note we met with our Ob yesterday for my first work up. It was so fun because the nurse greeted us with a huge bag of goodies consisting of an interactive binder for pregnancy and a place for me to take notes, info on food and medicines, pamphlets on prenatal testing, and a welcome into the Obstetrics side of things. All so fun. We talked to our Dr. a little about the hospital we'll be delivering at and all it has to offer as far as tours and classes and lactation consultants and all. Also I had a lovely pap done. When she did the part where she tries to feel your ovaries she said "You definitely feel pregnant." I have no idea what that meant but it made me feel good none-the-less.
Next appt. is in 4 weeks, and every 4 weeks after that. I will get another ultrasound at my next appt. Very excited for that!
This weekend is Easter weekend and we're going to be traveling to my in-laws. They have not known at all about any of our struggles or the fact that we were even ttc. We are very excited to tell them they have another little grand baby on the way. We will also be seeing my side of the family on Sunday where I think we will share the news as well.
I know it's still jumping the gun by about 4 weeks but we just can't keep it in any more. I asked the Dr. what my chances of miscarrying are now that I am 8 weeks along. She asked if we were able to see the heart beat on my last ultrasounds. We said yes. She said then that is a really good sign and the chances of miscarry are low. That made us feel good.
Happy Easter to all!! Eat lots of chocolate (I hear it's good for baby making)!! :-)


Sheri said...

Is your Dr. giving you anything for the extreme nausea? I know it's scary to take meds while pregnant but there are meds out there that help. If not, what about being rehydrated? An IV bag of saline will do wonders with how you feel.

Anonymous said...

Have fun sharing the news!! :)

Holly said...

I am sure sharing the news this weekend will be so exciting! Have fun!!!

Tiffany said...

Yes Sheri thanks for the advice, I did get a Rx of Zofran to help. So we'll see how that goes!

Anonymous said...

Tiffany- I love the new blog name!! :)