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Monday, November 15, 2010

My New Pet Peeve


Why must you touch my baby?

Is there like this magnetic force that pulls all strangers in to touch my baby as if my baby is the north pole and all strangers are the south pole and they just get attached to each other.

Why must all strangers touch the hands or the cheeks of the baby? Yes, I realize that those are the only exposed parts of the baby, but can't you touch a foot which is conveniently covered by a bootie?

Or how about this? I don't know you, so how about you cross your hands behind your back and just look at my precious baby. That would terrific!

I mean come on, I know my baby is the most beautiful thing in the world (if I do say so myself =) however I am running out of alcohol swabs to wipe is his little hands down after strangers touch them.

Wow- I can't believe it but I think I'm becoming a germ-a-fobe. If you knew me, you would know this is so far from my personality. I mean I'm the person that will eat things off the floor...of the bathroom. Well not really but I've never been one to worry about germs, or catching other people's colds.

They do say a baby will change your life....And he's changing mine in more ways than I'd ever imagine!!



Cherbear said...

wow, I can't recall a time where I have ever touched a STRANGER'S baby without being invited to do so.

And whenever people bring babies to work, I always lather up with hand sanitizer and allow it to dry before I touch or hold the baby.

Mrs S said...

How annoying you poor thing!

Lindsay Logic said...

What Cherbear said. I'm so sorry! That really surprises me for some reason that people dare touch a stranger's baby! He's a beautiful baby, though!

Kristy said...

If you bring that baby in for a visit once you're ready, I'll send you home with one free box of alcohol wipes! Or I'll just send them home with B anyways...

Littlest True Blue said...

Ugh! I hear ya on the touching! Like...keep your dirty fingers to yourself! Mamma bear is on the look out! ha ha! Your new born boy is adorable and you look beautiful. I hope everything is going well adn I can't wait to keep hearing about everything!

Anonymous said...

I have never touched a stranger's baby! And with friends newborns I always ASK. Poor Bradley. :(