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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still waiting BUT...

We are officially ready for Baby B's arrival!

Ok I know, I know I'm way jumping the gun with hanging the Christmas stockings....but I just couldn't help myself. If you only knew the whole story:
Last year I ordered personalized stockings for our family; Hubs myself and the two dogs. I thought to myself, "should I order extra stockings?" "No!" I quickly told myself as that would have been breaking my rule to not buy anything baby or remotely planing anything around a possible baby since we had been infertiles. So about a month ago I remembered how I would need to order Bradley his own stocking. I'm pretty anal about decorations and I don't like anything real tacky and I don't like things that don't match. So, you can imagine my disappointment when the lady on the phone told me that they had discontinued the stockings I had just bought last year. I was crushed to say the least. Fast forward a few weeks and I received the catalog to the company that the stockings came from. I almost tossed it directly into the garbage in disgust for cancelling my beautiful stockings. I last second decided I would give the catalog one last shot and opened it up. About 8 pages in THERE THEY WERE! Yippy! So I immediately called in my order for one red Bradley stocking, and then I broke my #1 infertile rule and ordered and extra green stocking that is blank. Let's hope I didn't jinx myself. If worse comes to worse, we'll just have to get another dog!
Anyway, you can see why my excitement over whelmed me when they came in the mail. I had to put them up. Plus, I'm hoping that I will be too busy to do any decorating very soon!
39 week update:
I go to the doc tomorrow. Maybe I'll ask her to strip my membranes....or would that be too forward? I mean, we have been seeing each other pretty regularly. I think it's getting serious.


5th Belle Avenue said...

Ah I'm praying for progress tomorrow!! Hang in there! LOVE the stockings. :)

Anonymous said...

I totally don't blame you for buying an extra stocking. I probably would have purchased more than 1! I cannot believe you are 39 weeks. So excited for you hon. How sweet that you will have a little one for the holidays this year. Awwww. ;)

omginindy said...

Oh, this makes me want to buy stockings now! Off to browse.

Joanna said...

The stockings are just TOO cute! Good luck tomorrow! You're almost there!!

FirstTimeMom said...

hope you have a good dr's appointment and that the dr agrees to at least strip your membranes! Yay for awesome stockings too! I can't wait to start decorating. Think we will be doing that this weekend ourselves to prepare for our little guy since full term is coming so quickly. I don't think you jinxed yourself by ordering an extra stocking. :) GL and hope to be seeing pictures of the new baby real soon!

Kim said...

Adorable Stockings !!! How exciting that they weren't discontinued. I am so happy you got an extra as well :)

Auntie Sissy said...

OMG- What is going on?? My blogger update says you posted a new post titled "It's finally happening", but I can't get to that story! I hope this means you are in labor! I am so excited for you!!!

Tiffany said...

I am so sorry, I can't make a new post from my phone. I am in the hospital being induced because of slight dips in Bradley's heart rate. We should have a baby within 48 hrs!

Auntie Sissy said...

Don't be sorry! I am sorry that his little heart rate was dipping down. I am glad you are being monitored closely! I hope the next 48 hours go smoothly for all of you. I can't wait for you to be able to meet little B. Update when you can!

Auntie Sissy said...

Oh, and PS: I was wanting to tell you that I was excited that you are getting to meet your little "line maker." For some reason, that little nick name has stuck in my head throughout the duration of your pregnancy! Have fun!

Mrs S said...

Not long now!