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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Tonight I find myself In Love with so many things...

A little background:  It was a rough night putting B down tonight.  Not even that he was crying, but he's learned to sit up on his own.  So for over an hour he thought it was play time in his crib.  Therefore he continuously threw his paci's out of the crib which called for us to go up and retrieve them.  That then leads to him being upset that he sees us, so then we rock him.


I began to get frustrated until...........I was in love.   I was in love with the fact that I even get to have a baby upstairs.  Sleeping or not.  I am in love with that baby.  To think a year ago today I wasn't sleeping either because I was getting so big, and it was getting so hot, that I couldn't sleep.  Well so what if B couldn't sleep either.  He is just like his mommy a year ago.  I love him sleeping or not.

During one of these paci throwing incidences hubs took over.  I was IN LOVE when I snuck upstairs to see if everything was ok and I hear him singing "Hush little baby..." to B in the rocking chair.  Love. Who cares if he makes up lyrics.....hey, at least they rhymed!

I love that the newest outside toy we bought our dog is such a hit, that she even saw, and bypassed chasing a rabbit to retrieve the toy for more playing.  Love that.

Let's get real.  I also love that these overly-expensive swim diapers just might be worth the money, as they do hold in the poop...lots of poop...learned the hard way today at the pool.  Actually, I almost wish they would have let some of that poo go, so I didn't have to clean it all.  lol

Would love to know what you all are in love with too!


1 comment:

FirstTimeMom said...

great post tiffany! I got teary at the part you said you went up to check on B and DH and you heard him singing to him. I love sweet moments like that btwn baby and Dada. So awesome <3