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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

There's An App For That

I am going to be the inventor of the next "i"-phone.  "i" for Infertility that is...

This new phone will have the following apps:

You can pee on it, and it will tell you if you are pregnant, or ovulating.

You can swipe it across your forehead each morning for a temperature reading.

You can put it to your belly for an ultrasound.

It can inject you with meds.

It is also equipped with the power to fill out all paper-pregnant paperwork, and can even get you home study approved.

So you tell me, would this be a phone you would buy? What app would you download? What app would you invent?



Stephanie said...
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Cherbear said...

there would HAVE to be an app that would respond to dumb questions like "When are you finally going to have a baby"...

With one push of a button..."STFU!!" LOL

Don't forget about the app that spits out money to pay for all those expensive treatments!

and last (but not least) an app to answer the dreaded phonecall after your beta...The app would be built to know whether it's a positive or negative phone call. If negative, it would send the call straight to voicemail...then it would speak to you, to let you down gently.

Tiffany said...

I love it CherBear! Great apps!

The Hudack Family said...

I love it and can't wait to own one!!