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Friday, July 1, 2011


Annoying - The kiddie pool I was so raving about sprung 3 holes in the canopy by the seam.  I have been able to tape/super glue/paper clip it back together so it is holding air as of now but still, annoying.

Annoying - B has learned to throw his paci's out of the crib and then whine for them.  Ok, it's not annoying, it's cute.  I could never complain.  So this is me NOT saying it's annoying :)

Annoying - You stupid FB "friend" that posts a picture of her kids every single morning when they get out of bed.  I get it, you think their bed head is cute, but we don't give a f*&%.

Annoying - How dogs going to the vet can really cost that much.

Annoying - People in business that DO NOT return phone calls or emails astonish me.  How the hell do you expect to make any money? Poor professional etiquette totally annoys me.

Annoying - That I'm so annoyed.  I just realized I've made more than one 'annoying' post lately.  Maybe I need to relax!?!?!  Truly, I'm not really a negative person.  Well, I guess I'm just positively annoyed.   lol



♥Sarah♥ said...

Your poor girl, maybe a nice hot bubble bath will help, with a glass of wine, unless your still breast feeding that is.

I must admit I will prolly be that mom when our little man gets here that posts daily pics...of my son not me.

Chin up its your weekend, and think of me while I slave away at work all weekend, and Monday too.

Traci said...

Oh no! I just bought a pool like yours. I hope it doesn't spring any leaks.

Auntie Sissy said...

Hey, getting the annoyances out here on the blog and out of your mind will help you get past them. No worries, I don't think anyone thinks you are a negative person :) PS: I think I would find it frustrating if my little girl threw her paci out of the crib...I think it would be normal to find it slightly annoying. ;-)

Oh, and my little girl won't even take a paci, in fact she is so super picky that we still have to use the disposable nipples from the hospital to feed her. She gags and gives dirty looks to any other nipple we try. WTF.

FirstTimeMom said...

bummer on the kiddie pool!

We all get into those funks where everything gets on our nerves. I know I certainly get there quite often. Hope things start getting better!