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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to my old habits again...

Cup-a-noodles for lunch and beer for dinner.

Oh wait, that was college, not that far back.

I'm talking about my habit of turning to Dr. Google for every question I may have. So my little munchkin is getting ready to turn 3 months old next week and still no period. I mean I'm sure that's completely normal right? Well I turned to Dr. G.

Oh what I hate about everything pregnancy/baby. Pretty much I could write a book/article/web page and become rich by answering any question with, "Every woman is different so listen to your body" or "Every baby is different so follow your baby's lead." Ok genius, I could have come up with that answer.

But in all seriousness most of the articles I read were saying that if you ARE breastfeeding it would take up to 3 months for your body to get a period. If you weren't breastfeeding, it would take around 6 weeks. Umm....ok. So now that I am approaching my 3 month mark am I not getting my period just because of the fact that I am breastfeeding and I could be one of those "every woman is different" or am I not getting my period because PCOS is rearing it's ugly head again.

And so the questions begin............ Don't you just love infertility.

Since this blog began because of my PCOS diagnosis I wanted to keep you all posted on that. So: so far, 3 months, and nadda. I have my annual gyn appointment next month so I will post on the outcome of that and what doc says. I guess I'm just being paranoid but it's like....if I'm going to continue with PCOS and the cysts and the metformin and the pill and provera, I just want to know. I hate this waiting and questioning everything.

But at least it's comforting to know, "Every woman is different." What bullshit. :)



waiting and wishing said...

I lump 'every woman is differnt' in the same category as 'just relax' or 'have you thought about adoption?' .... all phrases that make me want to punch somebody in the face.

And cup-a-noodles and beer, I think i just found tomorrow night's menu :)

Sheri said...
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Sheri said...

Okay trying to make that comment sound right. When I b-fed I never got a period until around the babies' 1st birthday, with the bottle fed...around 6 weeks. Hope things work out the way you hope!

Mrs. Mama said...

im reaching 3 months in 1 week and still have not seen it either! ive heard that you may not have it at all during breastfeeding, so i figured thats why im not getting mine...

Anonymous said...

I didn't get mine the whole time I was BF'ing...almost a whole year.

Cherbear said...

oh man, I don't have a lick of advice on this, but I hope it's not the PCOS rearing its ugly head again!

By the way, I nominated you for an award on my blog :)

Amber said...

I haven't had one of my own in something like three years. But it's okay, because every woman is different?! :P

Mrs S said...

How frustrating! Hope you get some answers soon :)

Ashley said...

I had heard from my mom friends that breastfed that the majority of them did not get their period until the baby started to sleep through the night so decreased night nursing. Hope you get some answers soon! :)