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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Days? Weeks? Months?

As my baby has approached the 3 month milestone I find myself telling his age in months "He's 3 months old" instead of weeks as I did previously, "He's 10 weeks old."

This got me thinking. When did I make the switch between telling his age in days, instead of weeks? I must have gone from saying, "He's 11 days old" to saying, "He's 2 weeks old" and not even realized I made the switch. How quickly they grow up! Now I'm saying his age in months and before you know it I'll be saying his age in years. Then, inevitably, he will grow so old that, like us, I will be saying his age in decades, "Oh my son is in his twenties." Oh Lordy...

Anyway, I've always found it funny, and a bit ridiculous, when people still tell their children's age in months well past the 'month-age' expiration date. No joke; I had a conversation with a woman who said her daughter was "26 months old." What? Are you being serious? Why not just say, "She just turned 2." Or say, "She was 2 in December." I mean 26 months? Get over yourself. The only person that cares about how many months old your kid is, is you. To the rest of the world she's just 2 years old, ok? lol (I wonder if she told people her daughter was 52 weeks old when she turned 1)

So in summation, if your child is walking, talking and pooping on the potty, #1 don't announce that they pooped on the potty on Facebook (a topic for another post) and #2 tell your child's age in years.



Cherbear said...

heehee I always wonder about the months thing too.

by the way, have you seen "Grown Ups" yet? I crack up at the part where Chris Rock asks how old Kevin James' character's kid is and he says "48 months". CR: "That's 4 years"
Of course the funniest part is that the mother is still breastfeeding her 4 y/o....LOL

FirstTimeMom said...

I can't even remember how old Alex is in weeks anymore and he's only 2 months old. Like, when I think of how old he is, I think of it in months and not weeks anymore. It's crazy making the switch and not realizing it. Especially since I spent 40 weeks saying "I'm such and such weeks pregnant". :)

Lindsay Logic said...

I cannot wait to hear your advice on FB-ing pottytraining...a pet peeve of mine. :) Haha Your baby looks so much like my nephew did. I'm going to have to get my sister's permission to blog a baby picture- or you should comment your e-mail address and I'll send you one. My nephew's almost 16 now, but I can't believe how much your baby looks like him! :)