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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Irony is...

- When your 3 month old son has longer eye lashes than you do.

- Actually hoping for AF to show up.

- When your baby soils his crib sheet right after you did a load of his laundry.

- Shopping for a cute nursing bra. (Wait, that's not ironic, that's an oxymoron.)

- Having the larger breasts you've always wanted and killing your husband for even thinking about touching them.

- Bad-mouthing over protective parents then becoming one yourself.

- When "dressing up" for the day actually means wearing yoga pants verses your over-sized sweat pants.



FirstTimeMom said...

haha I'm laughing at the last one because this is "dressing up" for me too :)

Littlest True Blue said...

i love it! another one I have is "cheering on and congratulating your baby for a good burp or fart, when you have gone years giving your hubby shit for these things! "

Lmac said...

So cute....love this post

Cheryl said...

lol! such a cute post! hope you're doing well hon! it always makes me happy when i see a new post from you b/c i know it usually caues a good laugh!

Jess said...

LIKE! Oh, the irony of life sometimes. :)