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Saturday, March 19, 2011

We're Goin' Swimmin'

Today is the day we are going to take Bradley swimming for the first time! I have been wanting to do this since we became members of the ymca. He loves taking baths so I am so excited to actually be able to get in the water with him and splash around. My only fear is that the heated indoor pool still might be a little chilly for him. We will see. Also, I think hubs has a secret fear that the baby will turn into a greased up slippery slime ball and will be impossible to hold in the water. I am holding out hope that B in fact will not turn into said ball and we will be able to hold him under his arms and butt just fine.

Ok so, I know the worst of the worst of the worst is when people complain about things when they actually finally get pregnant. So I will not be complaining.

I will not complain about the fact that I will probably still wear a maternity swim suit to the pool...or better yet an old speedo.

I will not complain that I still have a pretty dark linea negra line.

I will not complain that even though my belly grew huge when I was pregnant, it's my ass and thighs that decided to get stretch marks.

I will most definitely not complain about my 4 inch red scar from where they pulled my baby out. (I actually do kind of like it. It is a cool remembrance of just how tiny my baby once was to fit out of that scar.)

I will not complain that just about everything sags roughly a half an inch lower than it did pre-baby.

I will not complain about any of these things. You know why? Because I would take all those bad things again in a heartbeat. I would take them even if that scar was 8 inches long, and things sagged 5 inches lower, and if stretch marks were put all over my body. It would be totally worth it.

Now I'm off to go sport my ugly mom swim suit with my cutie pie kiddo in his super cool swim shorts!



Cherbear said...

have fun!!!! I'm sure you still look beautiful. And you're right, all of it so worth it. He's a cutiepie for sure. Hope you'll post pics of him in his swimmies!!

FirstTimeMom said...

haha I hear ya on the "non-complaints". I'm RIGHT there with you and nodded at all of them! I hope swimming was a success :)