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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Nursery Work In Progress

So here's an updated look at the nursery. As you can see we don't have any decoration up on the walls yet, that will come later after my shower. (Wink wink to Grandma who is supplying those gifts!) Also, we don't have the dresser yet which is also going to serve us as the changer. That will be our next purchase after I close on another property....come on commission check!

Anyhow, here's the look from the hallway. As you can see, even though my deepest desires are to have a glider chair with ottoman, I have gone with our lazyboy rocker/recliner. Two reasons for this choice: 1) We already had it and so it was FREE. 2) We already had it and so it was FREE. You see, it was a no brainer in my mind.

Here's just a better look at the crib. It showed up much more beautiful than I'd imagined. The ebony color was a deep rich black just like we'd hoped. And yes, I do have the bumper on the crib for now, just for show. Don't call CPS on me!

The wall to the right is eventually where the dresser will go, and the swing will not be in the room. I thought it looked good there for now. Also, do you notice our shed out back through the window? Well I always told Hubs that if we had a girl I don't know where he would put the lawn mower because I was going to turn it into a doll house. Lucky for hubs he gets to keep his tool shed a bit longer!

Lacy and Kilo in front of the playmat. They've already had their sniff of everything!

Lastely, aren't these the cutest little crocks you've ever seen?



Anonymous said...

The nursery is just beautiful! Love it! How is the new career in RE going? If you've already had closings you are doing very well! Didn't you just take your course earlier this year????

Miss S said...

It looks great! How exciting :)

Anonymous said...

It looks great!

Waiting Lisa said...

Looking good!!!

Anonymous said...

You ordered your crib from diapers.com right? I really like this crib and was wondering if you would recommend us using that website.