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Monday, August 16, 2010


I just googled "what age do kids start kindergarten"

It made me wonder...How the hell did our parents raise us without Google? How the hell did they know what to do? What, did they like actually read a book about stuff? A book? Huh?

When our mother's were on a walk and felt their underwear completely become saturated from mucous and weren't able to pull it up on their iPad to research it then and there, how did they handle that?

When they had unprotected sex for the 847th time and still weren't pregnant and they couldn't blog about another unsuccessful round of baby dancing, who did they tell?

How did we as infants not die when our parents put us in cribs with bumpers and blankets and stuffed animals ON OUR STOMACHS for gosh sakes?

How did mother's get milk out of their boob without a $300 device that comes looking like a cute back pack?

This all would be so scary without the instant knowledge in which technology provides us!



Anonymous said...

I agree! My mom told me she got NO ultrasounds when she was pregnant with me until the very end when she went into labor early. Uhhh what? How did you not know you weren't just getting fat? How did you know there was actually a baby in there? And she said she didn't have a way to research popular baby names. So she just by accident named me a super popular name? Weird. :)

Deanna said...

I was talking with a lady from church yesterday and she was saying that she couldn't believe all her daughter was finding about pregnancy online - when she was pregnant, she had one book but her daughter has a weekly update of everything that goes on and the baby's size!

Bummed Uterus said...

Yes! I wonder how the kids that have had cell phones from the time they were 8 will deal with it if/when something goes wrong and they can't use their phones!!

Anonymous said...

So true! What in heck did people ever do before there was Dr. Google???? How did we ever survive???? lol. Lets not get started on how we ever managed without cell phones! So crazy how times have changed huh? Oh, the age is 5, lol. I only know this b/c my best friend's child just started last Monday and she turned 5 in April. :)
Be prepared b/c I swear it seems like she was just born yesterday! It's frightening how fast time flies.

Shanny said...

I don't know how they did it but I'm glad I have Google now that its my turn!