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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Weird Thing About Time

Time. It's so weird to me. I once heard a description about time that really resonated with me. "Time: It is an equal opportunity employer. No matter who you are; what class, what status, amount of money you make, or where you live, everybody is always given the same amount of it." I really liked that description, especially when it comes to being a business minded person. Basically I look at it as there is no excuse why I shouldn't be as successful as John Doe is out there. We are all given the same amount of hours in a day and it is all up to me what I do with them.

With that being said....Where the hell did the time go?

Today is August 9th. My due date is November 9th. Wow, only 3 months away from B-Day.

I am 7 months pregnant. That just sounds crazy.

Why is it that the 2ww takes f o r e v e r and yet 9 months of pregnancy goes by in a flash.

I guess time really does fly.

I have a few really exciting posts coming up. I'll have nursery picture updates. I'll have feedback from next weeks OB apt. when I'll be having go get my Rh shot. I'll also have an exciting post all about Hubs and my tour of our birthing center which will also take place text week. Hubs in the birthing center tour will surely provide some entertainment to a post. Have a great week!



Kim said...

That is such a good quote about tiem, so very true. Looking forward to the upcoming posts. PS> _ I can't believe your 7 months already either - Holy Crap! xoxoxoxoxox

Lindsay said...

I know exactly how you feel!

Shanny said...

Great quote!
Time sure flies once you are out of the 2WW, crazy indeed! Can't wait to see nursery pics and read all about your great appt =)

Leslie said...

Time is definitely flying!! I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing about your tour!!